On average, every eleven days, a massaschietpartij in the US

In the United States fell this weekend, some of the dozens of deaths when shooters are within a few hours the fire had been opened in Texas and Ohio. It had been the sixteenth-and seventeenth-massaschietpartij in the U.S. this year, which is, on average, boils down to a single, extremely deadly shooting incident by a look at the day.

The Us intelligence agency the FBI has never been a definition given for a massaschietpartij (mass shooting). However, if you have three or more people are shot and killed in such an event, there is, according to the FBI, there be a massacre (mass killing), wrote to ABC News. The offender is not the victim, are also included.

Be the first to massaschietpartij in the U.S. this year took place on the 23rd of January, when it is in a bank in Florida, five people were killed in a bank hold-up. Less than 24 hours later, in the state of Georgia, and four people have been shot to death. Two more days, and then shot a man to five family members to death in Louisiana.

During the month of February, there were at least four fatal massaschietpartijen, with a total of seventeen people lost their lives. In the last four months, followed a further nine massaschietpartijen, the last of these was on Monday held in the usa. At this time, at a garlic festival, three of the visitors, amongst whom were two children, had been shot dead.

In the above-mentioned incident occurred in a total of 85 people were killed. In the US, many more of the ‘minor’ violence, in which up to a few people for the life to come. If you look at the numbers, it is in the US, almost every day, as a shooting incident take place, according to American media reports.

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Dozens killed in massaschietpartijen, Ohio, and Texas

Calls for stricter weapons law, ever-greater

For more netherlands, in schools, in the United States of america met in 2018, with fewer than 113 people were killed, writes the BBC News. As a result, the call for a more restrictive law is becoming greater and greater.

Strict arms policy would make gun violence diminish, is an activist, Emma Gonzaléz. She was killed in a shooting rampage at a high school in Parkland, and it organizes, since then, marches.

The Us president, when He gave it already to be in favor of arming teachers. He thinks he is, as are the other protagonists, and that’s the best way to get a new and deadly netherlands at the school.


Americans have to hide under a bench in a shopping centre for the gunman

The new shoot-out in Texas is one of the most deadly out of history of USA

In the shoot-out in El Paso, Texas, usa, is one of the most massaschietpartijen in the United States over the last five decades. Seven of the incidents took even more lives.

The three of them took place in the last three years. For attacks during a performance in Las Vegas, a 58-kill by 2017), and in homonachtclub in the Orlando, florida (49 deaths, 2016), and at a church in Texas, with 26 deaths, of 2017) were taken in a total of 133 fatalities.

The number of fatalities in Texas that can still add up. Dozens of people are left with multiple injuries in the hospital. Three people have been arrested.

#OregonDistrict #update by Lt. Col. Carper: at 1:22am active shooter situation began in the oregon district. “The shooter is deceased. There are 9 others also deceased. At least 16 others went to area hospitals with injuries.

AvatarAuteurDaytonPoliceMoment of plaatsen08:15 – August 4, 2019

Certainly, the nine killed in shootout in Ohio

A few hours after news emerged about the bloody assault in Texas, was opened as a suspect in the fire as suspicious. It came out at least a dozen people were killed, including the gunman.

At least sixteen people with a variety of injuries and were transported to the hospital. It is unclear as to how they have been.


The Man filming is fleeing from the people close to shooting in Ohio


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