Ombudsman: Major talk shows often have ‘unsuitable’ guests

The four major talk shows of the public broadcasting invite regular ‘unsuitable’ guests. That is the conclusion reached Margo Smith, ombudsman of the NPO, after a research.

With a team looked at how the 456 will broadcast The World Turns, M, Peacock, home cooked apple pie and Leave one was to do with the diversity and the ‘appropriateness’ of the guests.

During four randomly selected weeks, between september 2017 and the end of August 2018, looked at the topic and the function of the speaker.

“We added a – perhaps daring? – new category: fitness”, writes Smith in the research. “Could a guest (co) – talk about a specific topic? This Was the ideal, for the obvious, rightly so invited, or any usable guest? Or was it a choice or even better?”

This topic has been recently up to date, when a group of actors of the theatre group The Seducers at DWDD “unhindered a expertrol supposed to be,” said Smith. The men were allowed to extensively talk about data and digital privacy, without any critical examination. Many of their claims turned out to be wrong.

In the field of fitness scores home cooked apple pie, where 81,4 percent of the guests as a ‘fully-fit’ was assessed, the best. The talk show of Eva home cooked apple pie even had any inappropriate guest. When Peacock was 63,2% fully suitable, at DWDD 62,7 percent and in M 34.8 percent.

Lack of time, availability, competition (when a suitable guest at the competition line up), ratings and entertainment value are elements in the examination are called for the not-finding the right guest.

Women and non-westerners under-represented

In the televisieseizoen 2017/2018 were women, according to the research almost always under-represented in talk shows. The percentage of female guests was highest at M (42,1%), followed by Peacock (33.3%), home cooked apple pie (30,3 percent), DWDD (29,7 percent) and Late one (26,5 percent).

Also, there are very few people with a non-western background who will be invited. This group has, according to the research the greatest opportunity to come to the table at DWDD (13,6 percent of the guests), followed by M (12,6%), one (8.4 percent), Peacock (8.2 percent) and home cooked apple pie (6.8 percent).

It is not that talk shows have no women, or people with a non-western background like to invite, writes Smith. “Talk shows have the not for choosing what is news and who, as a guest, the most affected by this news. Furthermore, there are the editors not avid searches for white, male guests.”

“On the contrary, from the interviews with the editors, however, shows that they all really do their best to make every evening a different possible table to be able to present. However, it appears from all studies that this approach – a guiding story, with the most involved guest – systematically leads to a surplus of white men.”

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