Omarosa’s revenge: book, trashes ‘moblike’ Trump, power, family drama, Klopp’s ex-colleagues

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President Trump slams ‘not smart’ Omarosa

Trump lashes out at ‘crazy’ former Advisor about your secret recordings, new book.

In a twist all too familiar to anyone who watched as her villain persona on reality TV, Omarosa Manigault-has turned Newman – on your former mentor, your former colleagues and all others who crossed her during their short time in politics.

The famous vengeful TV-personality-turned-aide, in her forthcoming book, Tuesday, goals, countless. She blasts President Trump as a “moblike.” It shows the tension within the first family. She mocks their previous campaign and the White house staff.

And this is in addition to their allegations of racism against Trump, which featured strongly in their promotional interviews.

Fox News received an advance copy of the sensational tell-all, “apart at the seams: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White house.” In it, the details of its long relationship with the now-President, from her rise to fame in his show “The Apprentice” to work on the campaign, and later in the White house.

But, months after her release, she has her praise to be traded to the administration for the repayment. And no blow is too low, including side swipes at former White House Communications Director, Hope Hicks, who also served as a press spokesman for the trump campaign.

In the book, Manigault-Newman Hicks, the missing throws “the understanding of the policy, for the work that was given to you.”

“She was always Googling conditions, while we were in the meetings, always playing catch-up, always sensitive about what they don’t know,” Manigault-Newman writes. “She was so painfully aware of her shortcomings, she refused to speak publicly about the campaign, or as a substitute for express the candidate’s views.”

Manigault-Newman also Trump casts, whom she calls her “mentor” throughout the book, to be expected, “moblike” loyalty, likening him to a “cult leader.”

“Loyalty is a loaded topic when it comes to Donald Trump. Its moblike loyalty requirements are demanding, imperishable, and sometimes unethical (as in James Comey.),” she writes. “But for the people in trump’s world, loyalty is to him, is an absolute and relentless need, similar to the followers of” devotion to a cult-leader.”

She claims: “trump world is a cult of personality, the only Donald J. Trump.”

At one point, a Trumpian provides a nickname for the President: “Twitter-Finger.”

But Trump has his own provided for the author, dubbing her “Crazy Omarosa” on Monday, when she hits the interview circuit, as his helper in force to decry their behavior.

The drawing condemnation from ” the West Wing, their decision to release tapes of secretly recorded conversations showed, including Trump himself.

This recording was released on Monday on NBC’s “Today,” the alleged recording of a conversation between Manigault-Newman and Trump after she was fired by the Chief of Staff, John Kelly in December. In the tape, Trump claims that he will fire of your knowledge in advance.

Over the weekend, Manigault-Newman a other recording of this conversation with Kelly in the Situation room.

White house officials blasted her for both shots.

“The idea is not to do something, how to forget a colleague, the leader of the free world, is completely scandalous,” Deputy spokesman Hogan Gidley said on “Fox & Friends”.

And on Monday, Trump tweeted that “the people in the White house she hated. She was vicious, but not intelligent.”

Your Brand is an important section of the new book. In it, she goes as far as to say that Kelly and the White house lawyers present, on notification of their termination, they held against their will in the Situation room,, she was in danger of an asthma attack because she could not initially get to your inhaler.

“I’m an asthma sufferer, and I began to feel a tightness in my chest. I had to calm myself down or I would have a full-blown asthma attack,” Manigault-Newman writes in the prologue. “I asked if I could go get my wallet where I hid my inhaler, and you would not be leaving let me in the room. I asked why I was not allowed to leave, and they said that this is how Kelly had the meeting set up.”

Manigault-Newman’s assistant was finally allowed to “go to [their] Hand” with the inhaler.

“My asthma is triggered by stressful situations, and this was definitely one. I asked again whether I was allowed to leave the room or talk to my husband, and you refused,” she wrote. “I was held against my will in a secure room, guarded by men with guns.”

Manigault-Newman also writes in the book that you thought your knowledge of a Band, used in the early 2000s, in which Trump allegedly referred to the fire “the N-word.”

This application was the subject of intense dispute, as it says in the book that the Band is present, but they had not yet heard. On NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, she said she has since heard of it.

The former White House aide makes a series of other allegations in her book, sure to be chewed on for days by the President of the allies and opponents alike.

In other sections, it gets deeply personal about the first family. She says that daughter, Tiffany Trump was treated “like a California exile,” and that Donald Trump Jr, the President of the eldest son, was “to please, desperate, his father.”

“Don Jr has fought against the negative expectation of his namesake since the moment he was born,” Manigault-Newman to declare that candidates, trump has not been present for his eldest son, the convention speech, but instead, Eric saw.

“He beamed, proud of his second son,” she writes. “When Donald sat watching there, Eric, I felt sorry for Don Jr”

You can later Trump says Trump Jr “f call—up” over his comment on Syrian refugees compared to “a bowl of Skittles.”

Manigault-Newman lobs a number of other shots at the first family, including the claim that the first lady, Melania Trump wants a divorce when he’s out of office.

Plus, she writes, that “Our President is mentally and physically impaired.”

The White house on Friday responded to early leaks, the contents of the book, a blanket statement decrying. To say “instead of the truth about all the good that President Trump and his administration are doing to America is safe and prosperous, this book is riddled with lies and false accusations,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Manigault-Newman also blasts former trump-campaign-Chairman Paul Manafort, now before the court, as a “liability”, and the former trump-campaign chief strategist Steve Bannon as an “alarming” decision, struck him as “sexist and racist.”

And as for Russia, Manigault-Newman claims that Trump “lacked a basic understanding of the very complicated relationship” between the United States and Russia.

“He was fixated on Vladimir Putin as a feared, respected and admired leader,” she writes. “I think he was jealous of the control, which Putin exercises over his people.”

In another battle, Trump tweeted on Monday, that Manigault-Newman signed a non-disclosure agreement after your retirement from the White house. But the former White House aide writes in her book that she “refused” to sign a NDA.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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