Omar smashed on makes a mockery of Jewish money in politics

nearvideo freshman Democratic Republic of Ilhan Omar apologizes for tweet about AIPAC influence in the US policy

‘Anti-Semitism is real, and I am grateful for the Jewish allies, and colleagues that reported to educate me Semitic set pieces,’ tweeted Rep. Omar; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel on the painful history of anti-from the Capitol Hill.

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On the list: Omar smashed on makes a mockery of Jewish money in politics – Fairfax, defiant, calls for the ‘due process’ over rape claims Harris: Legalize it – Budget-talks to resume, the night on border security, and – *ahem* continue

Fox News: In an unprecedented rebuke under the new Congress, house Democratic leaders on Monday condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., for statements of the supporters of Israel, were widely regarded as anti-Semitic and called to apologize to her. The statement of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership of the team followed, the latest in a series of controversial comments from the freshman legislators, as well as the pressure from Republican leaders to speak. “Anti-Semitism must be named, confronted and condemned when it is encountered, without exception,” the statement said. “We are and always strong supporters of Israel in Congress, because we understand that our support on the basis of common values and strategic interests. Legitimate criticism of Israeli policies is protected by the values of free speech and democratic debate that the United States and Israel. …’ Omar, in reply, ‘clearly’ apologized while affirming that “problematic role of lobbyists”.

Williamson: “The characteristic feature of our political discourse in the year 2019 is that it is not polarized, but that it is illiterate.’ – National Review

An unfortunate Association for the American liberal, The Atlantic: “your comments, and the counter-reaction they provoke, show how broken the American debate over Israel has become. Omar is the new face of anti-Israel criticism on the left-hand side, and yet you use anti-Semitic set pieces is undermines your credibility. Your comments a cycle of outrage, the strengthening of the most extreme voices on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and limiting the opportunities for a more nuanced debate about America’s support for Israeli policies. have provoked Instead of creating more space for a critical debate on Israel, Omar has added to the credibility of a common caricature of the anti-Israel left: the opposition in Israel is in part fuelled by the conspiratorial anti-Semitism.”

“The process of choosing a moral certainty that the office of President will never fall to the lot of a man who is not equipped in a significant degree with the necessary qualifications.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 68

The Paris Review: “I read books to read myself,’ Sven Birkerts wrote in The Gutenberg elegies: The fate of reading in an Electronic age. Birkerts’s book, the twenty-five this year, consists of fifteen essays on the reading, the self, the approach of the two, and the possibilities, both of which are threatened by the encroachment of modern technology. … The letter in the year 1994, Birkerts is concerned that distractedness and surficiality would win. The “duration of status,” we would be turned over to one side, lost in a world of increasing speed and grace and wireless connectivity, and with it our ability, the importance of narratives, both fictitious and lived. … Birkerts coins his own terms: the deep, devotional practice of ‘vertical’ reading has been replaced by ‘horizontal’ reading, gliding along the surface. … It is not a way to pass the time, to live in it. Reading—real reading, the kind of Birkerts makes his passionate case for—based on our vertical sensitivity, however, latent, and “where do you suspect it’s depth, it creates it.”

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Trump job performance
Average Approval:
39.8 Percent
The average of the rejection: 56%
Net Rating: -16.2 Points
Change from a week ago: 2 points
[Average, includes: CNN: 42% approve – 54% rejection; IBD: 39% approve – 57% oppose it; Quinnipiac University: 38% approve – 57% oppose it; the Monmouth University: 43% approve – 53% reject; Gallup: 37% approve – 59% disapprove.]

WaPo: “Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) said he will not resign and presided over the Virginia Senate on Monday, regardless of all attempts to remove him from office amid allegations that he sexually harassed two women. In a telephone interview with The Washington Post on Sunday night, as the other Democrats as the beginning of impeachment proceedings against him, Fairfax repeated his claim that he did not sexually assault two of his prosecutors, or anyone else. The two women deserve to be heard, but at the same time, he deserves due process, Fairfax said. “Even in the most difficult times, including those, like this one, that’s when it’s most important to hold ourselves to our highest values as Americans,” he said.”

Employees flee – Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Two of the three government employees, Lt. Gov., Justin Fairfax, and two staff from his political action committee resigned following news Friday that a second sexual assault allegation against him. The PAC-employees who left are Dave Mills, the managing Director of We Rise Together, and Courtney McCargo, a fundraiser for the PAC. Mills is the husband of state Sen. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, was considered a strong contender to replace Fairfax as a lieutenant governor should of Fairfax to withdraw. On the state side, Adele McClure, the policy Director, has resigned, as well as Julia Billingsly, the scheduling Director. Lauren Burke, Fairfax communications director, the employees, through its PAC, and Larry Roberts, chief of staff, stays on as a civil servant.”

Dems from charge – Fox News: “A Virginia delegate, threatened to introduce articles of impeachment against Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax in the midst of sexual assault allegations, has taken a break, said in a tweet that “further talks” is required before anything is submitted. Patrick hope, a fellow Democrat and a member of the Virginia house of delegates, announced on Friday that he intends to introduce the indictment of Fairfax, unless he resigned by Monday. These are the two women who say accused Fairfax attack, they would be ready to any statements by the prosecution and the court proceedings caused. Hope tweeted on Monday morning that he decided to wait, after receipt of the ‘sincere and thoughtful feedback on a draft he sent to his fellow delegates. … “It was a tremendous amount of sincere and thoughtful feedback, which has led to further conversations that need to take place before you can Hope all what is submitted’ [tweeted].”

Northam promises to devote the Rest of the term racism – CBS News: “Virginia democratic Gov. Ralph Northam , he says than resignation in the Wake of the ongoing controversy embroiling his office, but he told ‘CBS This Morning’ co-anchor Gayle King that he is ‘not anywhere.’ “Don’t know you, I live in a vacuum. And Yes, I’ve heard of it,” Northam said, referring to calls for his resignation. “I thought of resignation, but I’ve also been thinking about what Virginia needs right now. And I really believe that I was in a position, where I can Virginia to the next level.’ … The Governor said in an interview with The Washington Post published on Saturday that he would spend the Rest of his term working for the advancement of racial equality. The Governor talks with black political and community representatives in the past week, but the Virginia Black Legislative Caucus s resignation, called for Northam ‘ more than once.”

Politico: “Sen. Kamala Harris called for the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level in a Monday morning interview so that you have the latest 2020 contenders to weigh in on an issue that has been front-and-center, as the presidential campaign season begins. ‘Half of my family comes from Jamaica,” the California Democrat said, laughing, when asked to respond to those who think she is against the legalization of recreational use of the drug. ‘Are you kidding me?’ On ‘The Breakfast Club’, a New York-based radio show… If you are asked whether you smoke again, if the Federal government were to legalize, the recreational use of the drug, Harris laughed and answered: “listen, I think there are a lot of people joy. And we need more joy.’ The former San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general said that the legalization would come to, we must, with some limitations, to emphasize the need for research on the effects of marijuana on the development of the brain and of the means for the regulation of the use of the drug during the journey.”

Klobuchar said she is working hard enough – the [Minneapolis] Star Tribune: “Against a wintry Minneapolis background, Amy Klobuchar announced her run for President on Sunday with a vow to ‘heal the heart of our democracy,” and an emphasis of their Minnesota roots. “As President, I will look you in the eye,’ Klobuchar said, her hair thick with snow at the end of her speech at Boom Island Park. “I’ll tell you what I think. I am going to focus on how things are done. This is what I’ve done, my whole life.’ By officially entering the fray overthrown, Klobuchar enters into competition with a growing list of Democrats who want to challenge President Donald Trump in the year 2020. Their language alternates between personal biography and statements of principle. They argued that their own life and political experience, you are in the best position against an ambitious agenda from the White house.”

Warren finally announces 2020 bid – NYT: “Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts officially announced its 2020 presidential candidacy Saturday, calling for “fundamental change” in the name of the people, and argued that the President Trump ‘is just the latest and most extreme symptom of what’s gone wrong in America.’ The workers speak in a clear, cold day in front of a background of old red brick mill building at the location of one of the country’s most well-known strikes, she said, now, like the workers, had had enough. She said that the replacement of Mr. Trump, whose government is only the first step in the fight against a system tilted as ‘the most corrupt in living memory,’ was in favor of the rich. … The selection of Lawrence was symbolic: In 1912, a historic labor strike by a group of women in the Everett Mill, where Mrs. Warren made her announcement. The senator referred to the strike as a story of women, many of them immigrants, with a stacked system, and triumphantly through the recovery of increases, overtime and other benefits.”

Bennet can join the fray – WaPo: “Sen. Michael F. Bennet had a message for fellow Democrats this weekend, two more White house candidates officially jumped into the 2020 presidential election: don’t forget about me. “We have a million people running, I think it’s great,’ Bennet (Colo.) said Sunday on NBC’s” Meet the Press.’ But, he added, ” I think that one more voice in the conversation, not focused on the future of America, I think that damage would be.’ Bennet, 54, threw himself as a centrist Democrat, which would bring the business and Management experience to the crowded field, should he decide to run. Prior to the appointment to the Senate in 2009, Bennet, a lawyer, served as superintendent of the Denver Public schools and worked for a large private company.”

AP: “Budget negotiators are meeting Monday to revive talks on cross-border security are of Central importance to legislation to prevent that essential parts of the government from shutting down on Saturday, but a hint of pessimism remains after talks broke down over the weekend. You broke the Democratic demands to limit the number of migrants, the authorities arrest, and the two sides remained separated, to spend about as much on the President, Donald Trump’s boundary wall promised. Friday midnight deadline looming to prevent a second partial government shutdown. Key negotiators plan to meet on Monday, Democratic and GOP aides say that, but now the mood is not hopeful. Rising to the fore on Sunday was accusing a related dispute over the control of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, the Federal Agency that the Republicans see as an emblem of the harsh immigration policy and Democrats, often goes too far. Trump accused Democrats in the migrant custody dispute…”

Newsom to pull National Guard troops back from the border – NBC News: “California Gov. Gavin Newsom will announce plans on Monday to pull back all of the members of the national guard deployed to the border with Mexico, saying the state would not be considered as part of the trump administration” manufactured crisis.’ The 360 National Guard troops in California, will be redeployed to combat forest fires, expand the state’s Drug Task Force and gather intelligence on drug cartels, Newsom will announce. Newsom’s decision comes a week after New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham ordered the most of your state’s National Guard troops make it back from the border, citing President Donald Trump’s” border panic”, as the only reason for their use. The former California Gov. Jerry Brown approved the use of National Guard troops in the past year, but said they would not be used to the immigration laws to enforce. Brown, Newsom and Grisham are Democrats.”

Pergram: “Will result in stopped by border security talks to be the next government shutdown?’ – Fox News: “Here’s the other problem: the President is not to get somewhere in the vicinity of 5.7 billion dollars for a wall or a physical barrier, regardless of what you want to call it. In fact, he did not even score $2 billion. The number is more likely to watch the barrier in at $1.6 billion to $ 1.7 billion, the expenditure for a boundary, – even though Fox News has heard the numbers are far below these figures. “It is not good, no matter what you want to achieve, and he won’t sign it,” said a source close to the President. There are restrictions on how much money the border security conference, participants can make a reservation to the Department of Homeland Security bill. The total cost of the measure would be likely to 49 billion move to $up to $50 billion for fiscal year 2019. If conference participants were truly spending for the wall to explode, you would have to cut other DHS priorities. This could endanger the national security.”

Rep. Walter Jones dead at 76 – the [Raleigh] News&Observer

“I’m black and I’m proud to be black. I was born black. I’ll die black, and I’m not making excuses for anyone, because you understand.” . Kamala Harris said in an interview Monday with the New York City radio show “The Breakfast Club.”

“Chris, we both, my wife and I enjoy vanilla ice cream. But there are different brands, and although a matter of taste, some are clearly better than others, and some are downright terrible. Fake Vanilla Flavor. If all of the vanilla and chocolates, which are terrible for you, then you are apt to try the rum-raisins. So ‘populist nationalism will never succeed, in the biggest ambitions’? It seems to me that we put pistachios in the White house. There was a larger ambition?” – Anthony LoRe, Whitestone, NY

[Ed. Note: I should hope so too! As I understand it, the goals of the movement. to-like the end of mass illegal immigration, a close self-serving foreign policy and the end of the trading policy, grew up with the globalization It is a very ambitious agenda, and one on the the current government has had some success. But we are a long way from achieving this objectives. In all cases, which would require the achievement of these objectives, the cooperation and the building of coalitions. You can win a choice that offer the least bad taste, but you can not use the trajectory of the core components of our nation in the same way change This requires buy-in. Now, for the urgent matter of the brand of vanilla ice cream, I usually under-write the view that Häagen-Dazs vanilla bean is the best unit available. Not to beat the absolute best, though, Graeter’s “French pot process” is vanilla.]

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CTV: “A prank video, the inspiration for the two teenagers had built a fort out of toilet paper in a store, and remained over night. According to Norfolk County OPP, a 13-year-old schoolgirl and a 16-year-old man the fort in the night built on Tuesday in a corridor of the Simcoe-Shop. She returned to the store on Tuesday evening and slept in the fort after the store closed. Both woke up early the next morning to the sounds of the employee replenishment of the shelves and ran to a bathroom in the building. An employee of the teenagers looked up, they hid in the toilet stall, and contacted the police. The Opposition says that the two were very remorseful after their arrival. Both teenagers were taken home to their parents by the police. No charges were laid at the request of the store.”

“There are ideological differences between the various GOP factions, but what is overlooked is the role played, the procedure in the preparation of the deadlock. And the procedure can be easily changed.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes in the Washington Post on November 30. In March 2017.

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