Omar allegedly yells, ” Stop it!” how the GOP McCarthy Tlaib told the profane comment to trump charges

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The group of four freshman house Democrats called “the Squad”, everyone had something to say, the Wednesday before the house voted along party lines, accuse President Trump.

In the case of Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., it was the repeated shouts of “Stop it!” as house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy that fellow Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, told by a profane remark about President Trump., had expressed in January.

On Wednesday, several journalists-including PBS Newshour senior reporter Daniel Bush, Daily caller reporter Scott more field and other-identified, to listen Omar was not on camera-like the voice in the background, as McCarthy members of the house turned to his colleagues in the U.S. Capitol.


“What is the problem?” More field wrote, referring to Omar. “The truth hurt?”

In January — soon after all four Squad members of the office took advantage of after their elections in November 2018 and the months prior to the July 25 telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian presidents Vladimir Zelensky, that was the starting shot for the house impeachment inquiry this fall said — Tlaib on camera, on the Capitol Hill reception to celebrate the new Congress, that “We go there and we are going to be the charges to the motherf—er”, referring to Trump.

“Nothing was going to get in the way and certainly not the truth,” McCarthy began on Wednesday. “Madam Speaker, the Chairman of ship, said that he had evidence that more than circumstantial evidence, the collusion. That was wrong.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s reference to a recent remark from a fellow Squad member allegedly Rep. Ilhan Omar irritated on Wednesday.

“In January, where we were all in this body. We stood up. We raised our hands. We swore that we would uphold the Constitution,” McCarthy. “And, a few, only a few hours after that Congressman Tlaib said she wanted to f charges of the mother-to-he. These are not my words.”

Omar also commented on Twitter on Wednesday about the impeachment.

“The evidence is clear,” she wrote online. “Trump blackmailed by a foreign government, in an effort to be re — elected and obstructed Congress,” resulting investigation. He abused his oath of office. Today, I’m going to act to restore the balance to our democracy. I Agree Accusations Of Donald Trump.”

Other squad members shared their views on Wednesday as well.

While your own floor speech, Tlaib referred to the “common sense” of the people in her home district in Michigan, and a veteran’s sense of “duty and responsibility”, before citing “corruption” as a reason to support impeachment trump card-even if bribery was not included as an article in the indictment.

The Democrat-led house decided to file only two articles, the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Article, abuse of power, in a 230-197 vote, with two Democrats to the accession of the Republicans in the vote: no. The disability of the vote at the Congress was 229-197, with three Democrats voting no. No Republicans supported either article.

“I stand today in support of the indictment. I learn so much every day with my residents to go home. Your common sense and understanding of what right and wrong is centered on why she is against any person that uses the most powerful position in the world for personal gain,” Tlaib said.

“We honor our veterans in this chamber almost on a daily basis, but we have to follow ever? Where we serve the people in the United States and uphold the Constitution, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. We should learn, from your sense of duty and responsibility, the country-and democracy-not a political party.

“Nothing to do here, Madam Speaker, is not an option. Looking away from these crimes against our country is not an option. This is to protect the future of our nation and our democracy from corruption. Abuse of power, criminal cover-ups and corruption.

“This vote is for my sons and the future of so many generations, so I urge my colleagues, please vote Yes on this bill of indictment,” she concluded.

The freshman Democrats, known as “The team.” From left Tlaib, D are in the USA and Rashida-Me.; Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. They are seen at a press conference at the Capitol in Washington, July 15, 2019. (Associated Press)

Ocasio-Cortez on the target REP. Barry Loudermilk, R took-Ga., who – by the call of the Christmas season – his speech on the House floor Wednesday that the Romans who gave Jesus Christ followed the first time given him a chance to defend themselves.

“Before this historic election today, a week before Christmas, I would like to concern you is this: When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to his accusers. During the sham trial, Pontius Pilate granted more rights to Jesus as the Democrats led to the fact that this President said in this process,” Loudermilk.

Ocasio-Cortez, responded on Twitter with a Bible verse, easy to write: “Romans 1:25”

The verse warns of the change to the “truth of God into a lie”, and instead of the worship of a “creature” more than the blessed Creator to be in what is a comment from the Congressman, the Republicans seemed to be on ” support for President Trump.

House Democrats had pointed out that Trump has been invited to testify before the Congress, however, refused compliance with the prosecution’s request.

“No normal person would be able to get away with trying to blackmail a stranger to compromise, our country,” Ocasio-Cortez Wednesday tweeted. “But all too often the most corrupt and most powerful people grow so accustomed to life with impunity, the standard of responsibility will feel to them like the unjust persecution.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., also addresssed of their colleagues, members of the house on Wednesday.

“I stand today for the protection of our democracy. Today we make a stand against corruption and abuse of power. What we are doing here today is not only Patriotic – America is,” she said. “America is confronting a story of ordinary people, the abuses of power with the persistent pursuit of justice.


“Throughout our history, have been oppressed, banished to the edges of the mighty, and every time we have fought us back. Deliberate in our approach, clear eye. Every generation has fought for the preservation of our democracy, and that is what brings us on the House floor today. More efficient and effective in pursuit of our truth.

“The Congress did its due diligence. Today, we are sending a clear message – we will not tolerate the abuse of the power of the President of the United States of America. The future of this nation lies in our hands. It is with a heavy heart, but determined. And, because I believe that our democracy is worth the fight, I agree with Donald J. Trump charges, and I urge my colleagues to do the same,” she concluded.

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