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Do I have Expensive a lot of them on Saturday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Stuttgart, germany, with the Dutch gymnasts managed to hit the olympic a ticket to compete in the international contest. Orange is definitely the necessary place in the first eleven.

“It was intense, very intense, and emotional. Very cool that in the end it was successful or not. In the beginning it was very tough,” said Weaver, who is with the Netherlands, however, start at the bar-and was on the bbc news.

“That’s all we had in the match, convert it, and that is a very, very good. At the bar, we started a little bit shaky, and we were fast punished by the judges, and then we’re on the floor, have been arrested.”

With the amount of 162.633 the Netherlands, behind China, Russia, France, and Canada, and currently the number five in the rankings. A place in the first eight, giving the right on the final of the world cup, but there are still a number of countries to take action.

“The place where the first one is still manageable, so that’s awesome,” said Weaver. “We are all very, very hard, to be necessary, and everyone has an important contribution to feminism. This is the end result.”

A Route to an olympic year, it is some sort of magic’

The 28-year-old Weaver has a difficult time to look back on. The winner of the olympic gold on the beam in 2016, it struggled with a lingering hip injury and has only just come back.

“I was just crying for about five weeks ago, I wasn’t there, so as it is now. That we are doing so well, it has, among others, with a strong team. We have to support each other through thick and thin,” she says.

“I’m not allowed to complain about how I look just after my back for me. I’m very much looking forward to the build up to the olympic year. That is just as magical as it is today, it was a very important aspect of that.”

The Dutch team consists of, in addition to Weaver from her sister, Lieke Wevers, Eythora Thorsdottir, Naomi Fisher, Tisha Volleman, and Vera van Pol. Monday night, the men in the campaign, as well as Epke zonderland will be just as Expensive to return from injury.

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