Olympic athletes are allowed to be in Tokyo and are free to choose whether they will join in the opening ceremony

The Dutch athletes are allowed to, next year, at the Summer Olympic games in Tokyo are free to choose whether they are at the opening ceremonies, even if they have been asked to act. In addition, there is a special hotel for those who are ready, but don’t want to go home.

Pieter van den Hoogenband, who is in Tokyo for the first time, the chef de mission of the olympic team, spoke Tuesday at a rally at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, and that he has a lot of emphasis on the personal responsibility of the athlete.

That’s why the old-topzwemmer, in collaboration with the NOC*NSF decided to use the so-called ’48 hour rule’ should be abolished. That is a rule, written for the Dutch athletes competing in the 48 hours prior to, or after, the opening ceremony of action had come, and were for many years.

“The athletes and coaches will be allowed to decide for themselves if they have to go,” said Van den Hoogenband. “I will explain them well about the pros and cons of going into the ceremony, but everyone will receive the absolute freedom of it.”

“I learn from my predecessors’

At the last Summer olympic games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, among others, Jean-Julien Rojer of criticism in the next 48 uursregeling, that in the year 2000, for the first time I was called to do. The player wanted to go to the opening ceremony, but it didn’t.

“I learn from my predecessors and will try to have a new update on my new job, which fits in with this period of time,” said Van den Hoogenband. “It’s a pretty good rule of thumb has been to have the athletes and to protect the pleasures that could be due to the olympic complex, but it has also helped to raise awareness.”

“However, at this time, everyone can decide for themselves if it’s a good idea to walk away. Contact Kiki Bertens, who is the number four website in the world and is in the final. It can very well be her own decision, and that there is no need for her to do that.”

Technical director Maurits Hendriks of the Dutch olympic committee NOC*NSF), in Rio de chef de mission, said that the sports association has learned of the criticism from athletes and Rojer. “In Rio, I taught just about anyone who wanted to join in the opening ceremony, all of the permission. Peter makes his own contribution to it, which at this time suits you. Athletes are to make every-day decisions, so they can also make it yourself.”

Pieter van den Hoogenband, let the athletes decide whether they will go to the opening ceremony to go to. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The disabled athletes are allowed to permanently remain in

Van den Hoogenband and the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF) have lessons been learnt from the Olympics in 2016, when there is a lot of criticism came out at the so-called “loservlucht’. In Rio, decided to Hendrik for disabled athletes has to be send before the tournament was over. Team may, however, continue to be.

Van den Hoogenband was reported last year that he was not a “loservlucht’ anymore. On Tuesday, he told me that the athletes that are ready to be in Tokyo with two options: she must to go home, or they are able to check-in at a hotel that is especially made for the Dutch athletes who have completed a so-called TeamNL Hotel.

“These men and women to keep up their accreditation, so they are able to simply make use of the olympic facilities,” said Van den Hoogenband. “In this way, they can be athletes in action, helping to make sure that there is an optimal prestatieklimaat will remain in the olympic village. ‘Peace, order and cleanliness,” my grandmother would say.”

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