Old oorlogsbom in the central German city of Augsburg dismantled

Old oorlogsbom in the central German city of Augsburg dismantled

Photo: AFP

Two experts have Sunday evening after four hours of work with an old British vliegtuigbom in the German Augsburg dismantled. Tens of thousands of residents werdens the action evacuated.

About 54.000 inhabitants of the German city spent the First day of Christmas elsewhere due to the dismantling of the oorlogsbom. It was the largest evacuation in Germany since the end of the Second world War.

The ramming of the projectile ran Sunday delayed because the evacuation of the area around the site took longer than expected. At 15.00 started two experts with the dismantling.

Around 19.00 they were ready. The bomb had several infections, which all had to be removed.

Bad to the bone

It was a particularly heavy bomb of 1.8 tonnes, which in construction was discovered. During the clean-up was an area with a radius of 1500 metres cleared.

The inhabitants had Sunday morning no later than 10.00 hours to leave their homes. Especially the drop-off of people who have difficulty walking, it took longer than expected.

There were two hundred vehicles are used almost six hundred people brought. The police put almost nine hundred people in the evacuation and dismantling guide.

Family and friends

Residents were at six locations collected, but most are to family and friends gone. Many had their homes all on christmas leave.

Friday was all started with the evacuation of a hospital and a number of care homes. The authorities chose Christmas day for the evacuation because there is much less traffic on the street.

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