Olcay Gülşen: ‘the Relationship with the Faculty is over as I have time for myself as needed

The relationship between the Olcay Gülşen and to Ruud de Wild since the beginning of June is over. The relationship ended badly because of Gülşen noted that they have time for themselves after her ex-boyfriend, James, had died of a heart attack.

“That’s why I things that are going to look at,” says the 38-year-old Gülşen, in a conversation with a Woman. “I found out that I have time for myself as needed. Sometimes it’s just different.”

Soon after, Gülşen, in January-broke up with her ex-boyfriend, French-Ghazi, she was in a relationship with The Game. “It wasn’t my intention, that I will soon be going steady’ could have, ‘ says ex-google android platform-the owner and host. “I was actually going for at least a year, a single has to continue to be. That would be me, since I was eighteen, actually, not anymore.”

Gülşen explains that they are the lesser of the periods in her life, not to still want to be with the sadness. “Of course, I also have a night-are, because, even though the two. But after that, it will be ready.”

In her youth, Gülşen learned “a button” to have it. “That I can turn on and off, now is the time to work through pain, and now it is finished, because there is work to be done. Continue to wallow in your misery, you won’t get anywhere.”

The former couple was only four months along

At the beginning of June, The Wildlife, the news of his relationship with Gülşen was left of it. “With four months to go crazy again.”, he wrote in the fifty-year-old radio dj on Instagram. “Everything must come to an end. Sorry to say. All of what I am about to say, does a lack of love.”

At the end of march, it was announced that the operator and the host together. The Wild fell, a year and a half ago, and for Gülşen, when the two met each other during the four days Marches in Nijmegen. They were at the beginning of this year, as the presenter, the dj, was invited to take part in his podcast.

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