Olcay Gülşen remains relationships are difficult to find

Olcay Gülşen remains relationships are difficult to find

Olcay Gülşen is very happy with her boyfriend French Ghazi, but says it sometimes difficult to find. “Relationships remain for me a difficult thing.”

The owner of the clothing brand Products is non-stop busy with her business. “I notice that I am in any relationship the point range that someone is sick. That he is a bit flat. So: you live but not only to work?”, says the 36-year-old fashion designer in conversation with VIVA.

“Then he looks outside and sees all his friends with their women doing fun things, go on holiday and three times in the week to eat together,” she continues. “With French, I am quite happy and hope to continue.”


Gülşen currently lives together with Ghazi. “It helps here, but also not, because it can give the feeling that you spend all day on someone wait. At one point I get with the same reproaches to make. If I snap, I snap it, but I can make my business impossible to turn my back on.”

However, feel Gülşen the desire to make her personal life more on one. “But on the other hand, I am again in a very exciting, new phase of my company. It remains a challenge.”

The fashion designer and Ghazi are already more than a year together. “I always find it amazing that they are so long with me to keep this up.”

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