Ohio postal workers’ slaughter to stun friends, family members

The U. S. Postal Service mailboxes are seen in Encinitas, California, Mar. 6, 2013.


Relatives and friends of the two Ohio postmen killed by a disgruntled employee was of a loss to explain the violence that took place on Saturday morning.

The police said DeShaune Stewart, 24, of Columbus, was charged with killing his supervisor at a post office in Dublin, Ohio, and then the killing of the Dublin postmaster outside of the Columbus apartment complex where she lived.

Both murders were considered acts of “workplace violence,” said the police, adding that they believed Stewart regarded the victims as to blame for his impending dismissal from his job.

Police: postal worker kills supervisor in Dublin post office, kills a colleague. Supervisor identified as Lance Maurice Herrera Dempsey, 52.

— Randy Ludlow (@RandyLudlow) December 23, 2017

Stewart was naked and carrying a weapon in the time of both the murders, which is about three hours and four miles apart, authorities said.

“He would never have died the way he died,” Lisa Gonzales said about her brother, Lance Herrera-Dempsey, 52, supervisor and U.S. Army veteran who was one of the victims, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The police said Stewart arrived at the Dublin post office around 4:30 pm — three hours early — approached Herrera-Dempsey, and shot him. When the supervisor fell to the floor, and Stewart shot him again, killing him, police said.

About three hours later, Stewart is again naked and armed was seen hunting postmaster Ginger Ballard, 53, around a parking lot, the Dispatch reported.

Then Stewart threw her on the ground, where she hit her head and died, police said.

“I just don’t understand; I loved her so much,” friend Terri Rivera wrote on Facebook about Ballard, the Dispatch reported. “I pray for all of you that she touched.”

Stewart is charged with aggravated murder for fatally shooting Herrera-Dempsey in Dublin and with murder for the killing of Ballard in Columbus, police said.

Patrol officers arrested Stewart shortly after Ballard was killed. They recovered a gun after he tried to run away, police said.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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