Offset sorry disrupt concert ex Cardi B

Offset has regretted his attempt to Cardi B to get back this weekend. The rapper disturbed Saturday a concert of the ex by the stage to walk her with a big bouquet of flowers to ask him to take it back.

“All my mistakes have already been made public”, tweeted the Migos-musician Sunday night about the action. “It seemed to me not more than logical to then also my apologies in public to do.” The rapper stated that he was only an attempt ventured, during the concert, and joked it “thank god I had no balloons.”

On videos that visitors of the concert shared, is to see that Cardi B is not charmed of the lijmpoging. She talked briefly with Offset, after which he again dripping.

However, she asked fans at a later time via social media to not be too hard for the father of her five-month-old daughter. “In the end, he remains the family,” says the rapper.

All of my wrongs have been made public, i figure It’s only right that my apologies are made public too. A nigga was just trying …..thank god I ain’t got no balloons sheeesh

AvatarAuteurOffsetYRNMoment of plaatsen18:42 – 16 december 2018

In media it was suggested that separation of marketing stunt is

At the beginning of december placed the rapper in a video on Instagram in which she explains that she and Offset from each other are gone, but still a good relationship. The rappers are fourteen months ago, married and Cardi B gave birth in July of her daughter.

In American media it was suggested that the separation is a marketing stunt.


Cardi B announces divorce via Instagram on

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