Of ‘The ‘ Tomorrow’ to ‘Old Comrades’: Zjef Vanuytsel in ten songs

“The ‘ Tomorrow’ is a number that is located firmly in the Flemish cultural heritage is nestled, but Zjef Vanuytsel was much more than that one classic.

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Zjef Vanuytsel was especially known for his poetic but melancholic lyrics, that are in a hurry carelessly beautiful English were sung. Vanuytsels had talent for melody and arrangement. In his romantic and poetic songs, he mixed popinvloeden with traditional kleinkunstelementen. His favorite themes were impermanence, doubt, and comfort. Vanuytsel was affected by Boudewijn de Groot. His lyrics are often taken from real life and autobiographical.

The Crazy Morning (1970)

Beautiful interpretation of the excitation of a city that awakens while the sun is above the horizon court.

Wooden Head (1970)

The pulsating pace of this classic gives the measure of the splitting headache associated with a hangover usually accompanies.

Hop Marlene (1970)

This song is about the dancing, Marlene was thanks to the rousing zigeunerviool a hit.

I know my love (1970)

As with many kleinkunstenaars stood by Vanuytsel the central place of charity in most of the songs.

You can’t do without the others (1970)

Just like the other engaged kleinkunstartiesten from that time, wrote Vanuytsel also different socially engaged songs.

The Village (1970)

A subdued but ominous song about the oppressive life in a small village deep in the Flanders of the previous century.

If you just would go away (1973)

This version brought Vanuytsel along with Sarah Bettens on Nekka Night in 2009. In that year he was there, together with the group Yevgueni central guest.

You will then have to take care of me (1973)

Where ‘Will you still love me when I’m 64’ by The Beatles merrily sounded, set Vanuytsel the case here more prosaic.

Silent in the Kempen (2007)

This song wrote Vanuytsel following the death of his parents.

Old mates (2007)

Title track of the album from 2007, performed together with Jan De Wilde.

If death ever (1973)

Vanuytsel was someone who like lived, but wrote in 1973, however, all that is beautiful ‘If death should ever be.

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