Of the assault suspect with A$AP Rocky performs anyway, on to the Lowlands

A$AP Rocky will be on Sunday, just occur throughout the Lowlands, has been the management of the Tuesday of the festival organiser to let them know. Also, he is still a suspect in the case of a Swedish mishandelingszaak.

For a long time, fearing that festival-goers that the American artist in, after being released from a Swedish cell in the previous week, to Europe, to come.

“We have never said that he was not going to come out”, says a spokesperson from the Following to respond to During his detention, he gave A$AP Rocky also said that he would like to come in, and the management has still not been returned and confirmed that he will take action.”

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Management will not risk it’s

On Wednesday, the court decides the case. The prosecutor’s office has a six-month prison sentence is required. Scared of the fact that A$AP Rocky, a few days later, it will have to be picked up in Lebanon, the spokesman said no. “That risk management is not running.”

If A$AP Rocky on Wednesday with a prison sentence being imposed, there is the danger that he was at the time of his arrival in the Netherlands was arrested by Dutch police and handed over to Sweden. According to the lawyer, Bas Martens, the office, Delissen Martens, the artist, is a decision of a court about his arrest and to wait and see, but it is entirely up to the judge whether he was in the court of freedom, can be seen. “And if it is found that there is a risk of vluchtgevaar is, he will be appealed to a higher court, in detention, have to wait and see.”

If A$AP Rocky’s resistance to surrender to the Swedes, it would be a while in the Netherlands it can be tightened, says She. “There are a few weeks to get over it. You are the one who is resistance, which were the result of the freedom to wait and see. It would be the legs and be able to take it. Most likely, the judge will not give him with no conditions attached, such as, for example, for the return of his passport, and let’s go.”

In the case that the artist was at the beginning of July in Sweden, was arrested after a video had surfaced showing he was a nineteen-year-old man, strikes, and kicks. The incident, which took place on 30 June in Stockholm, sweden. The rapper, who says he was in self-defense, acted in the town, because he was playing at a French festival.


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