Of ‘Strange Things’ to ‘Game of Thrones’: the Biggest TV character deaths of 2017

A scene from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”


As 2017 approaches, it is time for TV fans to take a look back at the many characters that are not making the journey with us into the New Year.

The year 2017 was no exception to the rule that good TV often means a good, dramatic death. As a tribute to some of the fictional characters whose deaths still hit home, below is a list of some of the worst loss that the fans have endured this year.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but SPOILER ALERT , we are talking about some seriously plot-heavy details for the “Stranger”, “13 Reasons Why”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead” “This is Us” and “Nashville.”

Consider yourself warned.

“13 Reasons Why,” Hannah Baker

Not all the TV deaths are good because they are shocking. Netflix “13 Reasons Why” makes no secret that the events of the series around the suicide of a young high school girl. However, it takes a long time to create, you start as Hannah Baker and sympathize with her struggles for the show of the moment in question. Upset by the world and a collection of seemingly insignificant people erroneously think that its by the run, she uses a razor blade to cut her wrists in the bath. The scene is hard to watch, but paints an important picture of how dark things can get young people without someone to realize it.

13 Reasons Why


“The Walking Dead” Sasha Williams

There was hardly a sign of life on “The Walking Dead” is that not want to kill Negan in the most violent way possible. Sasha took her shot, in an attack on The Savior’s compound. It didn’t work, but instead of being used as a pawn to lure Rick and her cohorts are about to give, she swallowed a suicide pill to her by Eugene. In the middle of his big monologue, Negan opened a crate where Sasha is allowed to take a last shot at him. It failed, but her sacrifice helped start the great war for freedom.

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“Nashville’s” Rayna James

After surviving a meeting with her knife-wielding stalker, things looked sunny and lollipops for Rayna James. However, the fans had the mouth agape when her police car was in a accident on the way to her reunion with Deacon and her daughters. Although she looked like she was recovering well, they eventually die as a result of the complications of the impact. It is not rare that the characters would die on a TV drama, but it is not often that a show lead is among the victims.

“Game of Thrones,” Lady Olenna

Regardless of which side of westeros’ politics, your loyalty is, that it was impossible not to be charmed by the blunt, no-nonsense attitude of Lady Olenna. After the Lannisters betrayed Daenarys’ army by the surrender of their house in favor of the second-richest location in the kingdom, Olenna found himself standing behind an under-equipped and under-prepared army that was Jamie lannister the good hand. He brought her poison to allow her to take her own life, which she did. However, they seized the opportunity to take credit for the murder of King Joffrey, that’s a pretty cool way to go out.

Game of Thrones


“Strange Things” Bob Newby

Bob was everything the Beyers household is needed. He was a stable father figure, a kind friend to Joyce and a brilliant mind is capable of more than the will and the gang’s A. V. club expectations. Unfortunately, his good-guy image, and technical skills led him on a daring mission that resulted in him eaten alive by baby demogorgons – A. K. A. demodogs – to cover the others escape. If one has to die, it is best to go out as Bob, a great hero.

Strange Things


“This Is Us,” William Hill

This falls under the category of a death that was not surprising, but heartbreaking nonetheless. William went to his son’s life all too late, but Randall was aware of his diagnosis all the same. As a result, he tried to make every moment count with him, which leads to a father and son road trip to Memphis, where the old jazz cat can say goodbye to his son and the world once and for all.

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“Game of Thrones,” Viserion

They do not need to be played by an actor to pull on fans’ heartstrings when they die. For years, fans have watched Daenerys’ dragons as the westeros equivalent of nuclear weapons, but the Night King made short work of one of her three companions, Viserion. When she flew with her dragons north to the rescue of Jon Snow and his party from the white walkers, the Night, the King threw his magical spear and took out the mighty beast. Just like that the threat posed by the army of the dead, became all too real for the kingdom. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the dragon was raised from the dead only to be used through the Night, the King to bring down the magical wall. Presumably we have not yet seen the last of Viserion, but his days as a member of the team “good guys” are definitely done.

Game of Thrones


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