Of Prague, and offers to apologize for a remark about the stadionramp FC Twente

Michael van Praag on Tuesday, due to all the dust gone to a statement that he was the day before it did. The former president of the Dutch fa (KNVB) in comparison to the stadionramp FC Twente at the end of the construction of a stadium in the united arab emirates.

“I want everyone to be happy and my sincere apologies for my comment about the stadiondak of FC Twente,” he writes From Prague, on-Demand. “I’ve said what I wanted, and that was very stupid of me. I’m sorry that I’m in pain, I will be done.”

The 72-year-old From Prague, on Monday, his last day as president of the Dutch fa (KNVB) had made a comment in a broadcast on Radio 1. There it was, the building of stadia for the world cup 2022 in Qatar will be discussed.

A report published by Amnesty International and an investigation by The Guardian reveals the fact that hundreds of foreign workers to life as a result of the lack of security and difficult working conditions. Of Prague, and drew the figures in the shadow of a doubt.

I want everyone to be happy and my sincere apologies for my comment on the stadium roof of the @fctwente, I’ve said that, what I really wanted and meant, and that it was foolish of me. I’m so sorry that I have hurt people and have done.

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Of Prague, spoke of the dead as well as in Qatar, with stadionramp Grolsch Veste

“I’ve been to Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, in order to be my successor, for you to make it,” he said Of Prague, in the radio broadcast. “Infantino was also about saudi arabia.”

“He told me that the number of deaths in Qatar is much lower. In any case, it is not a couple of hundred, but around twenty of them. What is the truth? FC Twente is also a roof to collapse and, I believe, people got hurt,” said parks.

The stadionramp in The Grolsch Veste, fell in 2011, and two deaths, as during the construction of a section of the roof had fallen in.

The club from Enschede has responded earlier on Tuesday, against Pensions, already upset by the comment of the money.These are very unfortunate remarks, at least for the next of kin of the persons killed and injured by the disaster.

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