Of kaaskeuze an alternative to white wine, all about the cheese fondue

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for a cheese fondue. But, what cheese do you use, and how do you get the cheese fondue ready. Kaaskenner Marcella Botterblom tips.

The history of fondue is going to have to go back. It’s the oldest recipe, dating from 1768.

The story goes that Swiss farmers have to be that way in the winter, with their scraps of leftover cheese-making their way. It was, therefore, not intended to be a luxury meal. In the mid-fifties, it was the kaasfonduen discover it once more. In the Netherlands, fondue-ing, we are mostly in the 70’s, with all of it, but still, the cheese fondue was very popular.

“A classic is a combination of a Gruyere with Emmental and Appenzeller,” says Botterblom, to Henry and Marcella bring in the cheese. The kaasspeciaalzaak out of Breda, has been named to the Best of Kaasspeciaalzaak. “The longer-aged version of the Gruyere and the Appenzeller instead of the younger ones, the result is a spicy, full-bodied fondue. This, combined with our around the holiday season, the best-sellers of a product.”

Other combinations which are in accordance with Botterblom are an aged Comté with a Beaufort or Swiss Vacherin Fribourgeois – this is usually the geraclet with an aged Gruyère cheese. “You can feel free to experiment,” says Botterblom. For example, what the blue cheese and add to it if you like, of what difficult means.”

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With the Dutch cheeses, you can also be very kaasfonduen. As a mature cheese with a swiss cheese. “It’s not a cheese, as the cheese fondue, soon to be the future. The Dutch cheeses are salted in a brine bath, and because of this, it attracts more of the salt in the cheese,” according to the kaaskenner.

Do not choose the cheapest wine

Another important ingredient is wine, preferably a dry white. “And, for example, is not the cheapest wine, but a bottle of that, you also want to drink it,” says Botterblom. “You get a taste of that, so it really does go back into the cheese fondue. It’s sourish in the dry, the wine makes the cheese nice and the wine is going to adhere to and you will have a beautiful, more uniform cheese mass is going to get.”

“White wine it is easy-to-replace milk with a splash of lemon juice, use apple juice.”
Marcella Botterblom, kaaskenner

If you don’t want the wine, as the children are eating, or because you just don’t like it, use milk. “You can add a little bit of lemon juice for a fresh taste, and the adhesion of the cheese,” advises Botterblom. “No apple juice. That’s the flavor of the fondue, not for the better.”

Kaasfonduerecepten can vary a lot in terms of ratio, are cheese and wine. Botterblom charge is about 450 grams for two people, with the addition of 150 ml of wine.

Tomato and cucumber are classics for a cheese fondue, but it is also witlofblaadjes and radishes combine well with the melted cheese. (Image: 123RF)

This is how you make the cheese fondue is ready

And now, the ingredients are known, the next question is: how do you get the cheese fondue ready. Heat the wine together with lemon juice and a clove of garlic in a frying pan. It may not be the fonduepan-to-be. It’s not every fonduepan on the fire. Some people smear the pot with the garlic, Botterblom and squeeze a clove out of the top of the pan.

Then you add a little at a time to the cheese, while the cheese is losklopt with a fork. “Just make sure it’s not going to cook it, because then it would be a great ball. And that’s not recoverable,” according to Botterblom.

Once all the cheese is completely melted and there are no small lumps in it, the cheese fondue will be ready. “If you want to have some fresh black pepper and nutmeg and add to it”, says Botterblom. “If it’s not a good bind, you can be created of corn flour to add.”

The fonduepan a warmhoudplaatje. “It is recommended to use a fondueset with a burner. With tea lights to cool, the cheese fondue is too fast, or it will need a small pot to be.”

Bits of bread and raw vegetables, such as tomatoes, and cucumbers are a classic to eat with cheese fondue. But witlofblaadjes you can have the cheese with it out of the pan and the pieces of voorgegaarde, green asparagus, and radishes combine well with the melted cheese.

Do you think this is too much of a hassle, then you could have a look at, a Mont d’or in the act. This is a French cheese from the Jura mountains, sits in a wooden bowl and has been lepelbaar. The bowl in the oven, maybe with a clove of garlic to the mix. After about forty minutes at 160 degrees, your fondue will be ready.

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