Of India reports that the moon has been a failure, contact with the lander is lost

The Indian moon Chandrayaan-2 on Friday is likely to fail. India wanted to put a lander, let it down on the lower part of the moon, which is not simply due to a flight well done. At an elevation of 2.1 km above the ground, it was to the touch, however, is broken.

At around 22.10 hrs started to the impacts of Chandrayaan-2. After a quarter of an hour, lost in the missiecontrole out of contact with the lander. At that time, was the lander down to a 60 feet-per-second, which is pretty high at the time, to be able to brake.

On the live video image, were the sad faces of the employees of the missiecontrole and the general public to see. the Indian organization for space research (ISRO), says that the data is to be analysed, a spokesman said, it is very much in the end.

“There has been no communications with the lander, and more. That is, it is as good as lost, and there is no hope. It is very difficult to re-engage”

#WATCH PM Narendra Modi hugged and consoled ISRO Chief K Sivan after he(Sivan) broke down. #Chandrayaan2

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Prime Minister, in spite of the failed mission and are proud to

During the live stream was to see to it that the prime minister Narendra Modi for the engineers of ISRO spoke to them, and the tears stirred director and cuddled. On Twitter, he responds “proud” to have been.

A few hours later, he repeated the words in a speech, in which he was the employee of the ISRO says. “The lessons of today will make us stronger and better. To the best of our space program is still to come. Be proud of yourself, and in the process, and the effort is all worth it.”

The Chandrayaan-2 mission, which consists of a landing module that can transport a maanwagen, and a satellite of the moon it will run. The mission was launched on the 22nd of July, on board an Indian GSLV MkIII launcher, and on the 20th of August, came to the mission, in orbit around the moon. On the 2nd of september, attached to the landing module that can transport the satellite to separate from each other.

The three countries had previously made a successful soft moon landing

India would be one of the most prestigious list of land, if the landing was successful. Only three other countries did previously make a successful soft lunar landing from which to enter. So far I managed only to Russia, and the United States of america, China and australia. Russia was the first, in February 1966, the Luna 9 mission to be a success on the surface of the moon landing.

Prior to the mission was the Luna 2, the first-made object on the moon is out. It crashed intentionally on the moon’s surface.

In the U.S., where it landed in June of 1966, the Surveyor 1 on the object, and the second is that the moon is reached. The only human maanlandingen have also been carried out by the united states, the first being the Apollo 11 mission on July 24, 1969.

It is the third country in which the moon has, was in China in January of 2019 at the latest. Chang’e 4 mission, it was then, with success, in the object, and it was also the first successful landing on the dark side of the moon.

Israel, in april of this year, the fourth to land on the moon, with the Beresheet-date. The country is now on the ground, however, by technical problems, so Beresheet crashed on the surface.

A copy of the ” Luna 9-the flight of the first vehicle, such as oil, on the moon landing. (Photo: NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive)

The three components of the mission statement to do each of the research

The landing module that can transport from the Chandrayaan-2, the Vikram-date, it is 2.5 m wide, and is named after the Indian scientist Vikram Sarabhai, who was the ISRO company. As the Vikram also has a number of different instruments on board, such as a trigger, and a temperature sensor.

After the arrival of Vikram, there would be a cart that is called Pragyan (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wisdom’) from the drive. The truck is still not large, and it can drive a 1-inch-per-second. Pragyan, and only Vikram can communicate, and it would soil investigation, near the landing place, do so.

The satellite and the Orbiter, was designed to be a year long to be functional. He is in touch with the Indian Deep Space Network, the communication network that allows India to keep in contact with the spacecraft, and the lunar module for the mission. On board the Orbiter are the eight tools, which, inter alia, to the moon, and to the building up of the body using x-rays to be measured.


India launches first flight to the south pole and the moon

The predecessor of the moon was launched in 2008

The pastor of this mission, the Chandrayaan-1 was launched in October 2008 has been launched. Chandrayaan-1 was a satellite of the Moon Impact Probe-a vehicle that is built to put down a deposit on the surface of the moon.

The particles that are released by this blow, could not be analyzed, which is frozen water on the moon could be established. The satellite of the mission, and turned to a 3400 circle of the moon. In August 2009, and lost in the missiecontrole in contact with the probe, and the mission is coming to an end.

Around the world space agencies in the new maanmissies, both manned and unmanned. For example, the united states, Russia, Japan, China, and South Korea, to the landers, and also work with commercial partners such as the Us, Moon Express, on the number of vehicles.

In a bid for the 2024 games if the U.S. wants to include one of the first women on the moon in the Artemis mission. Also in China, Japan and Russia, hope that the travellers on the moon, you will land. In addition to landing on the moon and there are plans for a Lunar Gateway-international space station in orbit around the moon rotates and acts as a stop to the surface of the moon.

Space SpaceX is currently working on a commercial Ship, vehicle, that, in 2023, a manned flight to the moon will need to be made. All seats for this flight are sold by the Japanese businessman, Yusaku Maezawa, who are the artists want to take it with you and wants to be inspired by the full moon.

A artiestenimpressie of the Program is available to Gateway, a space station in orbit around the moon is planned to run. (Photo: NASA)


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