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The authorities in hong Kong have Sunday restrictions on travel by rail in the direction of the airport from the city centre. The purpose is to have the authorities to prevent anti-China protesters are now at the best price.

The new measures come after a rowdy night, with multiple clashes between security forces and protesters took place. Anti-China protesters to occupy the a in the arrival hall of the airport and blocked access roads.

The particular train there is a direct connection from hong Kong to the airport. Passengers will be able to just get on with the main part of the city. The train will not be stopping in the urban district of Kowloon, a peninsula where many of the demonstrations are taking place. People will be able to the airport, only accessible with a ticket.

The board of directors of the airport reports that it is called upon to namaaktickets or fake information to access the site to get it.

Unrest began on a controversial bill

The protests in hong Kong began after a controversial bill to identify suspects quickly, to be able to ship it to China. The protests led to repeated clashes between protestors and the police.

The bill is now on the table, but the protests are going on. The demonstrations have evolved into a broader movement against the government and the police. Hong kong is owned by China, but also have special rights. The inhabitants of the town are afraid of growing Chinese influence.

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