Of Drake to Fergie: these are the festivalplaten of hip hop-dj Black Mamba

Deejays this summer to line up at the festivals tell us which plates before, during, and after their set cannot be missed. This week: Black Mamba, the Ghent rising star in the hiphopfirmament. “If the need is highest, barns, people on just about every song.’

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THE DJ: When Black Mamba is Noonah Eze just two years on the run, but she played her sets full of urbaninvloeden and new music is already in Rock Werchter festival and in clubs like Bloody Louis, Versuz & Bar Bright. Also on Studio Brussel, she settled behind the decks.

SET: 6 of August at the Lokerse Feesten, but also the Caribbean festival, Wecandance, Laundry Day and Bomboclat festival are still on its agenda.

By which dj or which number you start to run?

NOONAH EZE: Then while I was studying for the first time, a set of Faisal on Studio Brussels heard, I was immediately a fan. In the meantime, I know him personally, but I’m still starstruck when I put it live, see run. That way he all kinds of different styles, throws and yet constantly the vibe ferrofluid!

Do you listen to music before your set starts?

EZE: I Usually go to the other dj’s to listen to. So I’ve come already in the right mood and then to run well. I am not the dj for his set in the backstage are going to drink. Anyway, I drink all of three months, no more alcohol, as a kind of self-test.

Do you have a hard opening?

EZE: No, that I open, depends on how late I play. At the festivals, I try the latest new tracks from. One of my personal favorites of the last time is Djadja Aya Nakamura: summer, happy, and it makes the people immediately woke up.

What tracks are there in your sleeve for difficult moments?

EZE: I always try sets to spin, to which I would enjoy partying. In an emergency, I throw there is often a number of Rihanna or Beyoncé between, especially for a girly audience, because I always have a boost to get those songs. Something like Bills of Destiny’s Child in the Bazzart-remix is always good.

The lovers of the improved grinding disk to their draw during your sets?

EZE: of Course, especially with the reggaetonnummers. In that genre is Daddy Yankee La Gasolina, of course, the reference. All, it strikes me that if the need is high, people on just about all songs can be abrasive, also songs where I prefer full on wants to dance.

And what for those who fully want to sing?

EZE: I like to play sing, but atypical. No wrong meebrullers so, but would rather have something that’s catchy and stylish is as Fake Love of Drake or Don’t Care of Coely. On Mamba Nights, the party that I organize in my hometown Sint-Niklaas,, I am time and again amazed how many people also these songs loudly and sing along.

With what number do you do the musical books closed?

EZE: I am very bad at exit. So a quiet track to play to finish, I can’t really. For me it is a matter of pumping until the end and then realize that it’s over. Now I am a list on the construction of possible slotnummers. At Couleur Café was my last song, for example, Glamorous by Fergie. A peaceful track, which gives you the feeling: ah, that was nice.

With the music drive you home after your set?

EZE: Often I have to fight against sleep and I press on energetic songs, such as Praise The Lord from Asap Rocky. If it were not so late, I allow myself to be surprised by what Soundcloud me recommends.

And which tracks to help you through the morning after a party?

EZE: Anyway should it all a bit more laidback. Maybe some tracks of Populous or Teyana Taylor. Loading, the new album by Darrell Cole, also fits in that list.

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