Of death Bahamas, a, by Dorian continues to increase, the USA wants the people to catch

The number of deaths in the Bahamas as a result of a storm Dorian has been updated to the fifties, as did the police, on Tuesday, in a statement to let us know. The fear is that there are still dozens of corpses in the rubble that was lying around.

The clean-up is going to take a really long time. The islands are difficult to reach, because the airport was destroyed, and large parts of the country, have no electricity. Tens of thousands of people, their home is gone.

In the United States of america are going to their immigratieprocessen to speed up for the victims of the hurricane Hotel in the Bahamas, to be able to catch it.

The Us customs authorities to put the resources in to get the people in the neighboring country to help us. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Monday announced. “I have to have the commitment of a huge amount of resources in Southern Florida has been approved in order to ensure that we have people from the Bahamas are received,” said interim executive director Mark Morgan.


Hurricane Dorian blows the crane to be in Canada

US seeks ‘balance’ between aid and security

According to him, this does not imply that the affected people of the Bahamas are uninterrupted, Florida, in may. “We still have to find a balance between the provision of humanitarian assistance to people in need, and the safety and security of this country,” he said.

It is not clear how many of the people in the USA exactly want to receive. Dorian is now at the top of the eastern part of Canada, and to move in the direction of the country. In the middle of the Atlantic is tropical storm Gabrielle, which is the next day in the direction of Scotland pulls out. It brings a lot of rain and a strong wind on it.


The Dutch navy will face the high waves due to hurricane Dorian

The netherlands will send two of the ships, and many of the marines

As the remnants of Dorian and Joe, along the North of Europe, the Netherlands has to deal with zuidwestenwinden, which is relatively warm and the air phase.

The netherlands offers emergency aid in the form of about 550 marines, as a transport vessel and a research vessel en route to the affected area. They hope to be up there on Wednesday to come in and help with the rebuilding of the country. Also they have food and water distribution, where there is a shortage in the devastated area.


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