Of Ass, to think that the ‘drama’ Orange is already busy with finals, european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and ice hockey

Captain Seve van Ass of the Netherlands field hockey saved itself and its crew on Thursday after a painful and unexpected defeat against Spain (3-4) in the semi-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIP in Antwerp, belgium.

“We have been in the first three quarters of the dramatic, played out, which may, however, be said to be said to have an Asd at the bbc news. “In the back of our minds we may have already qualified for the final of a major failure.”

The orange in the group stage made quite an impression with his victories in Spain (5 To 1), Germany (3-2) and Scotland (6-0), but the defending champion was Spain from the first whistle, not in the classroom.

The European champion of 1974, as amended, and in 2005, that was ten years ago and for the last time in the semi-finals of a european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and was joined in the second-minute lead through Pau Quemada and walked through one more time, Quemada, Josep Romeu, and Ricardo Sanchez even at 0-4.

“Spain was much sharper, and has won each and every duel”, was fed up Of the Ass. “You could see the emotion in the celebration of their goals, which is a proof that commitment, and that’s what we experienced at all. That is, it is very, very ill, and I do think it is.”

Captain Seve van Ass was the rest of the team does not inspire a comeback against Spain. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“This is so stupid of us

The netherlands came in the final ten minutes still to go back to the 3-4, but that final assault was far too late for that. “We have a couple of different ways to attempt to get it to run, as it can tilt the field hockey, but it’s much too late for the ride”, said Ace.

“We wanted to do, and that seems to me to be logical in the semi-finals of a european CHAMPIONSHIP. It is important that you are top of the class, will have to pick up at the right time, and it is not successful. We were right on the money in this tournament were poulewinnaar. This is why it’s so incredibly stupid of us.”

Dutch national team coach Max Caldas were lower than that of its leader, but also noticed that the Orange isn’t sharp enough for it was against Spain. “In the early days it was the sheets on our part. We have, however to be easy,” said the Portuguese against the Dutch.

“If you lose, you have to admit that something didn’t go well. It took three goals from their first three strafcorners, and that was the big difference between Spain and the Netherlands today. We had a lot of potential to be something, but could not turn it over.”

The Dutch field hockey picked up in the year 2015, and by 2017 at the latest two european CHAMPIONSHIPS and the title. The team will play Saturday for the bronze against Germany in the semi-finals 4-2, lost to Belgium.

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