Of abuse accused to become a millionaire Epstein is injured found in a cell

A week after Jeffrey Epsteins’s request for bail was turned down, it is the abuse, accused the American multi-millionaire on Tuesday found unconscious in his prison cell in New York city.

The New York Times reported Thursday, according to an anonymous officer about the incident and was informed that Epstein had injuries that indicate a possible attempt at suicide.

The united states department of Justice does not want the incident to respond to.

The 66-year-old Epstein made a request for a conditional release. He has asked for his trial under house arrest, to await at his home in New York, and is said to be prepared to be self-monitoring and to pay for it. The judge rejected that request, claiming that he is that wealthy defendants, no special treatment, earn it.

Epstein, a money manager who has many friends among the American elite, as it was on July 6, was arrested at an airport in New Jersey. He is accused of, between 2002 and 2005, dozens of underage girls have been. For those allegations that have been made will depend on him a sentence of 45 years to the top of the head.

In search of the Epsteins ‘ house in New York city, it was, inter alia, child pornography and found it.

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So it came about, Epstein earlier with complaints of sexual abuse

Epstein concluded a controversial deal with prosecutors

The multi-millionaire has been in the picture for the authorities, but it did a controversial deal with prosecutors in his home state of Florida, to be close. The accusations by dozens of women, as a result of that deal under the cap will be held.

Epsteins settlement with the plaintiffs was at the end of last year, up from the water by the spitwerk of the newspaper ” The Miami Herald. A judge ruled earlier this year that the agreements were not legal because the alleged victims were not notified.

The scandal surrounding the deal led to the departure of the American minister of labour, Alexander Acosta, who, at the time of the investigation into Epstein in Florida, for there the chief prosecutor’s office was made.

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