Of a hiatal hernia repaired Polls Know for sure is that I am small again, to go up’

Kim Polling has just come back from a herniated disc that has its 312-day, at the end, loved it, but that difficult period has the trust and confidence of the athletes is not compromised. The four-time European champion in the category up to 70 kilograms, to know for sure is that she’ll be her old self is going to tap them, and you think that it’s a Sunday in the european CHAMPIONSHIP in Minsk, the gold for himself.

“It’s a little bit redundant. I would love to get my fifth European title, but I think I have a little bit of a test after the 28-year-old Polls in the run-up to the European Games in the republic of belarus. “If you look at the hard times that are behind me, then I will be happy with a medal. But what I want to do is for gold.”

It was only a few days after winning her fourth European title in Tel Aviv – more than a year ago, when Polling of a herniated disc was diagnosed. After surgery and a tough rehabilitation period he returned to Polling in march, with the Grand Prix in Marrakech is back on the mat, but the expectations and the netherlands were more than might be realistic.

Polling was in Morocco at an early stage, shut off, and then they are also in russia’s Yekaterinburg on 15 march) and, in the Turkish Antalya (april 5), not according to their level and was able to catch up. Just recovered from a herniated disc or not, that performance fell out of raw on the roof of the aspiring athletes.

“I’m not used to losing, and certainly not for three consecutive tournaments to win the chance to be switched off. That wasn’t dirty, but on the other hand, it is also not a fool. I had to look back again income and this is not very surprising. That is his period of rehabilitation was really hacked, but I am one hundred percent sure that I was my old self to go pick it up.”

Kim Polling, second from left, won the european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2018, the gold medal. ()

“The judogevoel was no longer present

Polling was, although more often in her career with injuries – in 2017 or early 2018, she missed several tournaments due to injury to the knee, elbow, and foot, but is recovering from a herniated disc, is of a different order.

In Italy, based in Groningen, was on her back, for the first time in her career to once again look to the automatic. “With other injuries, it was the judogevoel still there, but it was not observed Polling.

“That’s not something that I had never experienced before. It has a really, really long time for it to be less uncomfortable with it too. Actually, I’m now back with a sense of the layout.”

The question is whether or not Polling, its the old shape I can be in There, where she made her European title of last year, and the European Games (in 2015 in Baku, azerbaijan forward. The EC is also in the context of the Olympic Games is very important, because the tournament is a part of the kwalificatietraject for Tokyo 2020.

Kim Polling won the first-ever European Games in 2015, the gold medal. ()

Hope, mostly, that I make mistakes’

The opponent in spite of her yacht, in EURO, gold is still some doubt, however coach Maarten Arens seems to be a more positive tune. “Maarten will find that I have a very good exercise. He is a very confident and know that I don’t know, you don’t need to worry about it,” he says, and says Polls.

“Of course, I realize that I am a better judo, but you’ll have that in any tournament and be able to show it. I sincerely hope that I am in, There are less and less mistakes and I have my job to keep. Hopefully it’s judogevoel just very good and I will be what I need to do.”

The European Games will be on Friday, June 21, through Sunday, June 30th, in Minsk. The judotoernooi will take place on Saturday, June 22nd to Tuesday June 25th. Polling is on Sunday, in action, in the category up to 70 kg. The preliminary rounds will begin at 9: 30 a.m., and the finaleblok to 16.00 hours) from the start.

Bio Kim Polling

  • Date of birth: 8 February 1991 (28)
  • Place Of Birth: Groningen (The Netherlands
  • Weight: -70 kilogram
  • Location: Arnhem, Italy
  • The european titles in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2018
  • World CHAMPIONSHIP medals: Bronze in 2013

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