Of a Calf of up to This: How is Dutch actress Carice van Houten is internationally made a name for itself

In the Netherlands, and was for many years a prijzenmagneet, now they have a chance at her first major international award. For her role as Melisandre in the hbo’s hit series Game of Thrones is a Dutch actress Carice van Houten to be an Emmy nominee. a look back at the steps that the actress has made since 2007, and looking forward to the projects that are on deck.

After the black book in 2006 and for a BAFTA award and was nominated on the shortlist for the Oscars ended, it’s made Of Wood, quickly, name the foreign country.

Her international career began in 2008, with a small cast of the Irish film Dorothy Mills. The film was also compared to Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of the film ‘ Body of Lies (2008), even though that role was killed in the assembly. As the wife of Tom Cruise in the oorlogsthriller Valkyrie, she was in the same year, yet her music is in a Hollywoodproductie. Two years later, played by Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in the sciencefictionthriller Repo Men.

In the meantime, the actress is also active in the Netherlands. The boekverfilming, The happy housewife, and in the biographical film, ” Black Butterflies won the Wood, respectively the fourth and the fifth, the Golden Calf, to which they are to be the most award-winning Dutch film actor ever. Still, she shows much-vaunted colleagues and Monic Hendrickx, Jacob Derwig and will Pierre Bokma be behind him. And for the people’s choice awards, she’s. Between 2007 and 2013, he Wood, in total, six of the Rembrandt Awards.

The show has been modestly drawn up, when it came to these awards. “I have a tendency to have a certain degree of uncertainty, in order to keep up my talents, and to deny it,” she said, in the course of 2011 the Hollands Diep. “Well, out of fear for the star to be worn out. None of it is played in humility. Every part is fucking scary, and every time, I am convinced that I can’t do it.”


Dutch actress Carice van Houten attends to have a voice in The Simpsons

“I don’t want to settle for a weaker role”

At the time of the interview, was made Of Wood like cast for Game of Thrones, is an important step in her career. “I’ve always been with one foot in the Netherlands and the other in the united kingdom and the United States of america stood still. But then, I’ve never been sure of is that I’m really going to be kicking. In the Netherlands, I’ll get plenty of opportunities to get in-depth roles, to play a full character with a multifaceted personality. In America, you have to stay as a Dutch actress, however, most of the time ‘the friend’. I have a little bit of a problem with it.”

“Because of my role in a series, I am slightly taken more seriously. That mine were stirred up. I don’t want to settle for a weak role, just because it’s a hollywood movie with an international star. The Game of Thrones vibe would be much more interesting roles in my life can be.”

The American press has pulled out of the Dutch actress, in 2012 and, in any case, excited to be inside. “I’m in love with” wrote a reviewer from the American People about her character, Melisandre, in her first appearance in the second season of Game of Thrones. And even Time Magazine praised the Dutch actress: “Dutch actress Carice van Houten is mesmerizing as cold and passionate.”

Up until the last season, earlier this year, was Of Wood with a solid face to the fantasyserie of the site. In addition, it popped up in several foreign productions. So, she played a supporting role in the Julian Assange-biopic, The Fifth Estate, it was as a film maker Leni Riefenstahl in Race, as well as one-off, a voice on The Simpsons.

Dutch actress Carice van Houten and partner to Guy Pearce. (Photo: Bruno Press)

The actress is given a relationship and a child with Guy Pearce

In 2015, it came to Wood-on the set of Martin Koolhovens English-language film, Brimstone, the Australian actor Guy Pearce in the know’. The two were in a relationship, and have been, in 2016, the parents of a son. In september of this year, they will be back together again in a film. The greatest entertainer that she is, directed by Brian DePalma (Mission: Impossible, Scarface), and it has a key role for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who is in Game of Thrones was to be seen, as Jaime Lannister.

Almost at the same time, Domino will open the Netherlands Film Festival, with the Instinct Of Houtens first Dutch-language film since Everything is in the same Family (2012). In this directorial debut of Halina Reijn in August in the Swiss Locarno Film Festival, in turn, is a therapist with a new patient (Marwan Kenzari), which is a dangerous manipulator and it appears to be. “It’s one of my most treasured filmervaringen, and may well be the best thing I’ve done so far,” says the actress about her new role. “I’m actually free to play.”

Instinct is the first movie of the Man is Up to, it’s part Reijn and Wood in 2016 set up. “Now to me for many years, told me what to do, and it is tempting to try to self-start projects and to have more control,” said Wood earlier this month to meet a Deadline. Although this does not necessarily mean that it is her job as an actress to be. If it is published later this year in the mini-series with Temple, with Mark Strong, and there is a plan in development to be a movie actress, Greta Garbo.

The ability to help Reijn, a debut as a director is to make hold Of Wood than a moment to open. “It’s in me to come up,” she said to the due date. “You know, I’m not quite ready to do that. I have a small child and it is not at all a good time. But I have been playing with the idea. I underestimated it, so it has to be the right project for it.”

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