Of 113 species of animal to have urgent help is needed by way of Australia

113 animals are “urgent assistance” is required only after their habitats have been adversely affected by the bushfires, according to a list drawn up by the Wildlife and Threatened Species, Bushfire Recovery program.

Nearly all of the 113 species on the list, there are at least 30 per cent of their habitat is lost, report the researchers in the field.

Among the twenty reptile species, seventeen species of fish, nineteen species of mammals and thirty species of birds have an urgent need of help. According to the researchers, the species, the intensive with their recovery can be supported.

A number of species that are already endangered such as the Pugh’s frog, the Blue Mountains, this all-waterhagedis and Kangaroo Island smalvoetbuidelmuis, the burning is almost extinct. Also, the species for which the forest fire was not in danger, are now under threat.

Plants, and other aquatic animals will soon be added to the list.

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The fires are decreasing due to the weather

This week will take place for the first time in a month, less than the 42 to burn in the state of New South Wales, and that there are no active warnings for the use of fire. This is due to the heavy rainfall. According to the authorities, there is a chance that by the end of this week, all the fires in densely-populated areas off of.

Vlammenzeeën for all ages, Australia, in september of last year. Up to now, were 33 people, and has approximately one billion animals are killed. An area the size of Greece’s, and at least 2,500 of the houses are razed to the ground.

102Waarom the fires this year are so intense in Australia?

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