Oesterseizoen started, All you need to know if you like oysters, go pick it up

The oesterseizoen is on the 19th september, has officially been launched. This means that the fans in the coming months, the credit balance may be the snack food of the sea, and you can pick it up.

In the Netherlands we have, roughly speaking, two kinds of oysters: the native European flat oyster, is the Zeeland oyster, also known as the Japanese oyster or creuse is called.

The pacific oyster, introduced in the sixties by the growers to Zeeland established. The exhibition runs to do it, however, in our country, in the nature, that is, the native European oyster, it has largely been displaced.

Himself and oysters to pick up and is very easy to

In fact, there has even been talk of a curse. Because of this, in the Netherlands it’s very easy to make yourself, and oysters, to pick it up. It can, in principle, along the entire coastline. If you decide to make the oysters is going to pick it up, it’s good to have a few things to keep in mind.

“So, you are allowed 10 kilos per person per day, pick it up, except for their own personal use. That’s about a hundred oysters.”, to know Sarah Smith. They can also organise excursions in the province of Zeeland, in which the participants, under the guidance of oysters to pick up.

“An oyster, it is what it eats. Take, therefore, is not to close to the ports and the pipes.”
Sarah Smith, an experienced oesterraper

In addition, you may not be close to the kweekpercelen pick it up, which parcels of land may be, for example, a board is marked.

Smith: “And the oyster, it is what it eats. I would, therefore, not to be too close to the ports and locks of the garage. There is a lot of traffic and pollution along with it.”

Oesterdam, Wilhelminadorp and Katseveer, are good places to

Good, Zeeland, locations in order to pick it up, they are, according to Smith, the Oesterdam, Wilhelminadorp and the Katseveer. “Oesterbanken is very, very hard to find with the help of Google Earth,” says Smith. “The dark spots along the beach are all oesterbanken.”

“Our oysters are going to pick it up, take a screwdriver with you.”
Sarah Smith, an experienced oesterraper

Oysters take in water. Check online for the getijdentabel, and you can see the exact moment when it is at an opportune time when water levels are low, it is. To pull boots on and get not only a pet, but it also has a screwdriver with them. Because oysters grow in the wild, often with each other, or on top of the rock.”

You can also get sick from the wrong oyster

There are a few things you need to watch out for, because you can get sick from the wrong oyster. “In the first place, a healthy oyster can smell you, not us,” explains Smit. “A bad oyster, it has a pungent zwavelgeur. It’s that smell you get as soon as you get an oyster to open.”

Also, there should be nothing else in the shell, the oyster and the oyster liquid. “There is, for example, with a worm at the heart, it does not necessarily mean that the oyster is not good. However, I would not risk it, take, take. And, most likely, you have a whole bucket of geraapt, so it is an oyster, more or less, makes little difference.”

Tips on how to prepare oysters and

If there is anyone who can tell us about how to prepare the oysters, it is Convenient to van Ruitenburg, however. The Texel-based author, wrote the Salt-Sweet of Zeeland, and The Flavor of the island, and gives workshops all over the oysters.

“Certainly, ‘Texel’, and oysters may be irregular in shape and are, therefore, not always easy to open up,” she said. “Put them in the oven at 140 to 160 degrees fahrenheit. Or, for a few seconds in the microwave. And, like the oyster when you open it is damaged and there is debris trapped in the oyster liquid, use to do the moisture through a tea sieve.”

A healthy oyster can smell you. You can have them raw, eat it with a little bit of lemon. (Image: 123RF)

Add the lemon, soy sauce, or ginger and add it to the oyster

The oysters you can, of course, is very good eating raw. So, enjoy Ruitenburg, they would like to. “Do you come up with a little bit of lemon on it. It’s not just because of the taste, but the oysters to be scared. You should be able to see if the oyster is still alive. If the oyster doesn’t move, then I would not eat it.”

Especially if you have oysters, you geraapt, it is fun to experiment with in the kitchen. “Having oysters in the seafood trade, you do it may not be as quick.”

In place of a lemon can be, for example, some soy sauce, and ginger, add to, or tabasco, and a splash of gin, or some gin. Is also very good, according to Ruitenburg: a ‘look and feel’ of the oyster liquid as well as beer. “Let this be a bosuitje of the original volume and pour in the oyster and then use the sauce in the oven. You can get the oyster, it is also gratin by what the room with the grated cheese and add. And it is an oyster, is too large to your liking, remove it from the shell, the flower, and then fry it in butter.”

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