Oculus-founder denies stealing code

Oculus-founder denies stealing code

Photo: Bloomberg

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey denies that he computer code of the company ZeniMax has stolen in the development of the virtualrealitybril Oculus Rift.

Luckey appeared Wednesday in a U.s. court, because his company ZeniMax has been sued for stealing trade secrets.

During the hearing, recognized Luckey that he has a program of ZeniMax used to be an early version of the Oculus Rift to demonstrate to investors, reports Bloomberg. But according to Luckey, he had no access to the underlying code and he has no confidentiality agreement is violated.


ZeniMax says Oculus without permission code has used the Rift to develop. Former employee John Carmack, the game developer behind the series Doom and Quake, would code have taken to Oculus when he started to work.

In 2014, the company was then sold to Facebook for around $ 3 billion. ZeniMax is claiming compensation of 2 billion dollar.

Attorneys, Luckey pointed out that he already had in 2010, photos of a prototype of its VR-glasses online placed. That was two years before he Carmack met.

Later in the week, also Oculus-director Brendan Iribe is still speaking in the lawsuit. Tuesday also denied Facebook-director Mark Zuckerberg all that Oculus was wrong, and he said in the next ten years another $ 3 billion to invest in the development of VR technology.

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