Oculus displays VR gloves in new video

Oculus displays VR gloves in new video

Facebook subsidiary Oculus has a video new gloves shown, that the hands of users to virtual reality move.

The gloves seem to be sensors, movements of individual fingers capture. This moving virtual hands in the exact same way.

Facebook-CEO Mark Zuckerberg placed in February is already a photo on his Facebook timeline, which he will have the same wear gloves. Furthermore, he was surrounded by sensors which is probably the gloves kept an eye on.


Gloves let your hands in VR to see

According to Zuckerberg, it is possible to with the gloves in VR typing on a virtual keyboard, or to be like Spider-Man a web, to shoot.

It is not yet known whether Oculus the gloves wants to sell. It is concerning at the moment a prototype of the onderzoeksdivisie of the company.

Oculus Touch

Oculus sells at the time the Touch-controllers for virtual reality. Use physical buttons and electrical contact surfaces for finger positions to predict, which makes it possible to, for example, in virtual reality with hands. With the Touch, however, can only be a number of type of hand movements in the mind.

Competitor HTC is working with gamebedrijf Valve to own gloves, which also gestures to follow and show in virtual reality.

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