Ocasio-Cortez says that there is a “legitimate question”, the question must be asked: ‘Is it okay to still have children?’

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Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said the young people ask a “legitimate question” in the Wake of climate change and mounting student loan debt: “it Is okay, you still have children?”

In a Instagram-video Live over the weekend, Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, welcomed supporters to have in your kitchen—and gave a “special Hello to my haters”— while you are out of chili and a glass of poured white wine.


“Our planet is a disaster is exposed to, if we don’t turn the ship,” she said, as she chopped sweet potatoes. “And so it’s basically like, there is a scientific consensus that the children’s lives will be very difficult, and it leads, I think, young people have a legitimate question. Ya should know—is it okay to still have children?”

She continued: “Not only financially, because the people in the study with 20, 30, 100 thousand dollars in student loan debt, so that you can not even afford children in the house, but there is only one basic moral question, like, what do we do?”

“And even if you have no children, there are still children here in the world, and we have a moral obligation to leave a better world to them.”

Ocasio-Cortez answers questions from viewers, while continuing the preparation of your meal.

“What would put Trump in chili? BOLOGNA!” She laughed. “He used to put bologna in chili. Both, because I think that’s what developed his taste on the palate, and for the obvious reason.”

But one of the questions was about your signature-the proposal in the house – the Green New Deal.

“The whole premise of the Green New Deal, is that we are screwed on the climate. I’m sorry to break it to you,” she said. “If it’s screwed to the climate in particular, we actually are. It is a global threat to the planet.”

She added: “At this point we don’t even have to prove it. Only walk outside in the winter in a lot of places, and his, or as bad, as you are used to, or the way warmer than you are used to.”

“Hurricanes, storms, forest fires,” she said. “We die now.”


While the resolution itself would do little, because it is non-binding, it is the first time that the proposal for a Directive was formally described in Congress.

“If we called a vote on the Green New Deal, tomorrow or Tuesday when I’m back in DC, and it passed, and NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN,” she said, seemingly downplaying the impact of it should be passed. “Literally, nothing would happen, because it is a resolution. It is a statement. They will be resolved. It is our agreement to a statement. No binding procedure.”

The resolution says, “a new national, social, industrial and economic mobilization, which is not seen on a scale since the second world war and the “New Deal” is an opportunity to address the systemic injustices against minorities, the creation of millions of well-paid jobs and “provide an unprecedented level of prosperity and economic security for all people in the United States.”

His proposals include a “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a just transition for all communities and workers;” the creation of jobs; health care for all, investment in the infrastructure; ensures clean water, healthy food and a sustainable environment and a strange, undefined, “access to nature”.

Across the width of the proposals, which are part of the plan and the accompanying documents from the Ocasio-Cortez, a series of far-fetched goals and drew swift derision from the Republicans and other critics. The Republican National Committee called it a “socialist wish list” which would kill at least jobs 1 million and disrupt global trade and will cost trillions.

Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez went on to slam the veteran legislator “comes to the same things,” for decades, according to sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., over the weekend, was faced with a group of children that you vote for the Green New Deal proposal.

Feinstein, though, defended your position, and your data set in response to the confrontation.

“You know, what’s interesting about this group? I did this for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say, ” It’s my way or the highway.’ I will not respond. I have chosen. I ran easy. I was elected by nearly a million vote plurality, and I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit,” Feinstein said in a video of the encounter outside of your office shared on Facebook, the Sunrise movement, a climate-advocacy group.

Ocasio-Cortez, in an obvious jab at the Feinstein, said the work on a subject for decades will not make you “qualified” to be a problem.

“The Problem has become even worse. So I do not think that the work is on a Problem for 30 years, alone, which was qualified as a-as a what makes a qualified Person to solve a Problem,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a page on the Feinstein.


“That is to say, there are a lot of people who’ve been doing it for decades, works which have proposed ambitious solutions for years, and have not been heard,” she added. “So it’s not just, ‘I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so we have to listen to you, because honestly, have people fail to the same things for 30 or 40 years. What we need to do is say, ‘What solutions have not tried yet? And what ambitious scale, we have not shot, yet.’ And let us do it.”

In your live video stream, Ocasio-Cortez, also reports that they had moved from their Bronx apartment to the other.

“It’s so funny how, like, it is so funny, with all this media attention, because this is not a normal thing. It is not really normal, and what is really strange is that it is just so, like, it’s so crazy how his people are literally, it feels to me like hysteria, but maybe it’s because all of these things about me,” she said. “Yes, I live in the same neighborhood, but I had to move apartments, because, you know, death threats—slash, I needed two bedrooms.”

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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