Ocasio-Cortez raises the eyebrows to quote the national Park as an example of Democratic socialism

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Ocasio-Cortez criticized for the exclusion of the press from the town halls

The democratic socialist candidate, said step of protection of “vulnerable populations’ in the presence.

Left-wing Democrats have long said that the implementation of democratic socialism is easier, as the conservatives claim. But after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it is a walk in the park.

The overnight Democratic superstar who rose from the darkness, after you have the REP. Joe Crowley, D-NY, in June, the PV has been widely mocked for a series of gaffes and mistakes that you made on one of the following media and campaign tour.

That mockery saw more this week after she took a leisurely stroll through Maine’s Acadia National Park, and declared it, along with other benign Sunday — ended, an example of democratic socialism.

To enjoy back home after a lovely few days for US examples of Democratic socialism, such as:
– Acadia National Park
Café Co-ops (Def Top 5 of the best Breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had ?)
– Support of the worker-owned businesses
Bonus: Spotted @PPact to help people, accustomed✌??

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) August 19, 2018

She cites not only her visit to the park, but also to eat a Breakfast sandwich in a cafe co-op, and “the support of the worker-owned businesses.” She also added, like a “bonus” that you are accustomed to a Planned Parenthood branch “people discovered to help.”

They published a number of accompanying images — including your relaxing, under a bridge, and a other, your smile, the outside of the above-mentioned planned Parenthood center.

But while the worker-owned companies can be a ring, the “workers of the world, unite!” took them, Ocasio-Cortez the heat for what critics described the mistake of equating some of the things run by the government, to socialism.

“The national Park System is not socialism in action: It is a mixture of public goods, such as monuments, and the government’s maintenance of park-land, wrote to a disruption of private economic activity, or a usurpation of private property,” The Weekly Standard’s Chris Deaton in a column.

Deaton added that “contra Ocasio-Cortez, a fishing trip to the Yellowstone, a party of Marx and Engels.”

She was also patted on Twitter, including some users, who noted that the billionaire Rockefeller family — associated more with capitalism than socialism-has connections to the park.

“Acadia National Park was donations from private philanthropists, from the country and paid for the design of John D. Rockefeller, in particular,” a user tweeted. “The character read next time. “

Fact-checkers have been hit Ocasio-Cortez hard for a number of errors, the on everything from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the area of healthcare. With a shrug the criticism, shrug dismissed.


Conservatives have high you for your excesses, and your left view of the world, they say, represents a new extreme in the direction of the democratic happy in attack

In an E-Mail-push of the last week, the Republican National Committee, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro referred to, and, as she called it “the Mini-Maduro premonition of the future of the Democrats.”

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