Ocasio-Cortez appeared as a podcast hosted by activist, who said, ‘Jews should get the f— out of Palestine’

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Ocasio-Cortez attacks Israel admits ignorance on the issue

Democratic socialist candidate is fighting to clarify, your comment about Israel’s occupation of Palestine.’

New York Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, once appeared on the podcast hosted by a progressive Puerto-Rico-activist, said that Jews” should get the f— out of Palestine.”

Ocasio-Cortez, rose to prominence after the victory over top-Democrat Joe Crowley in the party’s U.S. House primary school in June, got back involved in a dispute, in July about their views on the Israel-Palestine conflict.


But before Ocasio-Cortez, a stunning victory against Crowley, the thrust in the national spotlight, she went on a Spanish-language podcast in may, hosted by Rafael Tirado Rivera, a progressive activist in Puerto Rico, which, once pronounced anti-Semitic views, including the Jewish people should be able to reveal the clearance of the Middle East, Fox News.

“I stand behind Helen Thomas’ comments about Jews. You should wrote the f— out of Palestine,” Rivera in a tweet in 2010.

Rafael Tirado Rivera’s tweet.


The activist, who was also a blogger for Puerto Rico, the largest newspaper, El Nuevo Día, referred to the disgraced former White House reporter, Helen Thomas, an anti-Semitic rant the same year.

She was caught on camera that Israelis “get out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany, Poland or the USA. Your comments were “outrageous, offensive and inappropriate” by the Anti-Defamation League.

Rivera repeated the point in another tweet that says that “no one in Israel, the policy is, even suggest that. But [the Jews] should go!”, he wrote.

These were not the only comments Rivera on Israel. He also said that Israel as a terrorist state, and together a article Israel is portrayed as an apartheid state.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on the podcast on may 11, 2018 hosted by the Puerto Rican progressivea activist Rafael Tirado Rivera, expresses its support for an anti-Semitic reporter.


Among his other guests on the podcast, Julia Salazar, a Democratic-Socialist who recently won a New York State Senate primaries, but his campaign was plagued by accusations that they falsified their Jewish and immigrant identity. She is also a supporter of the boycott movement against Israel and was once denied entry into the country.

The Ocasio-Cortez campaign, not Fox News’ repeated request for comment and questions, whether she was aware of Rivera’s views.

When asked whether Ocasio-Cortez, that his political views before on the podcast, said Rivera, “I’m not sure. Maybe not.”

The podcast host said he believed “the same thing I thought 10 years ago,” but offered a different interpretation of the tweets. “Israel should stop the occupation of Palestine. I believe in a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict,” he said.

“Maybe I should use a different word. Instead of the ‘Jews’ should I have said, of Israel.”

– Rafael Tirado Rivera

“Maybe I should use a different word,” he added, noting that during his podcasts with Ocasio-Cortez, or Salazar, the topic of Israel was not discussed. “Instead of ‘Jews’ should I have said, of Israel.”

The appearance on the podcast raises the question Ocasio-Cortez views towards Israel and the Jewish people, a question, you tried to avoid the talk and changed their talking points depending on the audience.

They first raised eyebrows during an appearance on PBS’s “Firing Line” in July after struggling for a coherent in your explanation of your address on social media, where were they when the Israeli military action to confront the protesters, the try, against the Israel-Gaza strip a “massacre” and “that no state or organization is acquitted of mass shootings of demonstrators.”

She has later claimed that although a short back to an audience of progressives, that you are convinced will be a “celebration of it, in the search for a two-state solution to this Problem,” but noted that she’s “not the expert in geopolitics to this topic.”

“This is a conversation, I sit with many of the activists in this movement, and I’m looking forward to the inclusion in this conversation,” she replied to the question of whether she supports a two-state solution, during a town hall-style sit-down with democracy Now, a far-left website.

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