Obscure case could determine whether Robert Mueller Russia-the report sees the light of day

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Special counsel Müller is only after the money?

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to the campaign violation as the Trump organization, the CFO, and the National Enquirer boss, the country’s immunity Finance is concerned; the knowledge of former whitewater Prosecutor Robert Ray.

An obscure Federal case, heard in Washington in the next month could be used to determine whether Special Counsel Robert Muller is to the full report on Russian interference in the election of 2016 is collecting dust in a secret file, or sees the light of the world.

The case relates to a man for the search of records of the 1956 disappearance of a Columbia University professor Jesus de Galindez and has nothing to do with President Trump, the Russian consultation or Müller.

But it deals with the secrecy of the grand jury testimony, and that makes it relevant to the ongoing Russia-probe.

The case, first reported by Politico, was a suit against the Ministry of justice, 82-year-old author and lawyer, Stuart McKeever, who has followed the Galindez mystery for nearly 40 years. With a DC Circuit Court of Appeals hearing set for Sept. 21, McKeever hopes that the judge order the release of secret grand jury testimony, the testimony of the Galindez case.

Author and lawyer Stuart McKeever, left, looks for secret grand jury testimony in connection to the disappearance of the Columbia University Professor Jesus de Galindez, right, in 1956.


If the judge rules to decide in his favor, could, laid the Foundation stone for the Müller ‘ s report, in full, of the Congress as well. But if the judge would rule in favor of the justice Department, and current law prohibiting the release of secret grand jury materials. In turn, the Congress and the public can only be able to see a part of Russia-report.

McKeever told Fox News on Wednesday that he began the search for the grand jury materials released five years ago as part of its efforts to the publication of his book, “The Galindez case” was in the year 2013.

“My book is finished. But I was not going to let this part of my efforts to go, without termination of the prosecution of my journey,” McKeever said in a telephone interview.

Galindez disappeared in 1956, last seen in New York City. According to Politico: “there are indications that he was kidnapped and flown to the Dominican Republic.” The mystery of the murder of an American pilot on the island, as well as studies in relation to a man who is accused of a non-registered foreign agent for the Dominican Republic.

The story was also the subject of the 2003 film, “The Galindez File”, the Harvey Keitel starred as a FBI agent bent on stopping a young PhD student from uncovering the true fate of the Galindez.

McKeever says the FBI has tried to keep a lid on the details. For decades, he has checked the records in connection with the case.

He recalled a “striking moment” of his search in the early 80s: “When I went to court, to investigate and Archive the process documents, the seller asked,” why you want the records to see this?’ I said, ” why are you asking me that?” The answer was ” letting the CIA know that you want to see these records.'”

“This is a lovely table, the set-up for a fantastic battle over the legal authority to release” grand jury information.’

– Former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova

“And I said, go on,” said McKeever.

McKeever told Fox News, though, that, if the judge does not rule in his favor next month, the Ministry of justice would certainly appeal.

“I don’t think they want this story told,” said McKeever.

The Ministry of justice has not responded to Fox News’ request for comment on the case.

So how all of these relate to Müller ‘ s sample of Russian interference in the election of 2016?

The question is whether the grand jury testimony can be released.

In relation to the Russia-investigation, if the court in McKeever, the event rules do not have the power to release grand jury material, which could prevent Mueller from the submission of a report to Congress that contains everything about the grand jury empaneled in the case.

There were exceptions in the past. A previous law allows independent consultants the Problem of attitude reports, regardless of the grand jury is secret, so that Ken Starr issue its report on the investigation of former President Bill Clinton.

But, expired in 1999. Further, the former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova said, Müller is not yet regulated once, by the independent lawyer’s advice, the Statute.

“Since Mueller was appointed in accordance with the rules, in contrast to the independent Council Statute, there is no authority for him to hurt a report to grand jury secrecy,” diGenova explained. “If the Ministry of justice says he can, you are wrong.”

DiGenova, who have worked with Trump’s legal Department, told Fox News that Mueller, the author can send a report with the obtained information about the grand jury investigation, but you would only be able to that the report to the Ministry of justice, specifically Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is responsible for the special counsel probe.

From there it could be diluted with redactions.

The special Council, declined to comment on the case, but instructed Fox News, regulations, and reporting requirements for your office.

The regulations state that the attorney-General, or in this case, Rosenstein, “may determine that the publication of these reports would be in the public interest, to the extent that the release would be in accordance with the applicable legal restrictions.”

A law that falls under “legal restrictions” and “relevant laws” would be 6E, which governs grand jury secrecy. The law States that “records, orders and subpoenas in connection with grand jury proceedings must be kept under lock and key, to the extent and for such time as is necessary to prevent the disclosure of matters before a grand jury.”

DiGenova, said apart from the grand jury information that has already been revealed, as part of a criminal case-such as ex-campaign Chairman Paul Manafort-Rosenstein could not information Version of a grand jury.

“He would have to black everything in the report of the grand jury information, and the report would be useless,” diGenova said. “He would have to seek legislation.”

Politico reported that, should the Democrats win back the majority in the house, you could be in Russia summons Müller report as part of an impeachment inquiry.

But diGenova, said Rosenstein would be led by the President, to publish it.

“This is a beautiful table for a great struggle over the legal authority to share grand jury information,” he said.

A Congress source, though, expressed doubts that the law can be changed, while trump is in the office.

“So to do, the house tilts. To scratch if the Senate were, with the other 60 votes to pass [a change in the “grand jury” stealth law], why in the world the President would have signed into law?”

Regardless of what happens, in terms of Müller ‘ s report, McKeever is fazed by it.

“I’m not interested in whether Müller will influence the investigation or not,” McKeever told Fox News. “This is not where I am. I’m on my journey to pry open the truth. Maybe sounds corny, but that’s me. This is where I am.”

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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