‘Obesity in parents linked to delayed development as a child

‘Obesity in parents linked to delayed development as a child

Children of parents with serious overweight and obesity are at risk of a delayed development. Researchers found a link between children who are later their motor skills developed and obese mothers.

The researchers of the NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver institute used the data from a previous study carried out among 5,000 women and their children. The children were from about four months of age and followed until their third year and a total of six times will be checked by a pediatrician.

The mothers and fathers were at the beginning of the study weighed and asked about their health. Therefore, the researchers examined the data of children with parents with a normal weight and children with parents with overweight compare.

The researchers concluded on the basis of the figures that children with obese mothers, 70 percent were likely to test the motor skills of young children test, not to pick up. The children were 75 percent more likely to test their social skills. That chance was in both cases greater if both parents are obese.

It is unclear which this link occurs. The scientists suggest in their study, published in the journal Pediatrics, that more research is needed for the reason for the link to find out.

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