‘Obesity gene is no obstacle to weight loss’

‘Obesity gene is no obstacle to weight loss’

People who have the obesity gene called the FTO gene, carry have less chance of weight loss than people who have.

This is evident from a study of The British Medical Journal. Follow a diet and having physical exercise can be useful in losing weight, even if people have an obesity gene carry with them. A particular dna is not a hindrance in losing weight.

People who have two variants of the obesity gene carry with them, are on average 3 kilograms heavier than those without, and have 1.7 times more chances of obesity.

In total there are a total of 9.500 obese adults analyzed in eight studies. The participants who have the gene to carry with them, were an average of 0.9 kilos heavier. This would have to do with the appeal of high calorie foods and feel full after a meal.


The subjects participated in different diet programs. Researcher John Mathers: “To our surprise, we discovered that there is no difference between participants with the FTO-gene, and without in the area of weight loss.” In addition, there was also no influence of gender and ethnicity on weight loss.

The researchers are pleased with the outcome: “That this size of a study, eventually arrives at common sense is great.”

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