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What happens to the families on the border really is

A U.S. attorney for the Southern district of Texas, the processing of a large number of cross-border cases, sounds off on President Trump house immigration bills, the ‘solve’ separation of the family crisis back up. #Tucker

Janet Napolitano, who served as Homeland Security secretary under President Barack Obama, said in an interview on Tuesday that she once ruled as the possibility of the separation of families on the border, but “pretty quickly that it would be a bad idea.”

Napolitano, now President of the University of California system, told the Los Angeles Times that the idea was considered, during the Obama-worked with government to create a secure Zone on the border.

“When you said you by and you recognize the difference between the handling of this it was as a civil-deportation Affairs that, in contrast to the law enforcement questions, it’s pretty clear off the bat that this is not a good idea”. She also said the plan was incompatible with American values.

Nearly 2,300 children have been announced separated from their families over a six-week period in April and may, according to the U.S. attorney General Jeff Sessions, a new “zero tolerance policy” applies to all cases of illegal entry to the prosecution of criminal offences. The US Protocol for the detention of children with their parents said, because the children are not charged with a crime and the parents.

The Trump administration, sent, babies, and other small reported children at least three “tender age” animal shelters in South Texas, the Associated Press late Tuesday.

By law, child migrants, alone sent on the way to facilities run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services within three days. The Agency is responsible for the placement of children in shelters or foster homes until they are reunited with a relative or sponsor in the community, as they await immigration court hearings.

But ]Sessions, ” the announcement last month that the government prosecuted everyone who crosses the U.S. border has led to Mexico illegally to take care of a break-up of families with a migrant background, and sent a new group of hundreds of small children in the government.

Napolitano said the Obama administration prioritizes “persecution and deportation of the serious crimes,” such as known gang members.

She said the trump administration, wrote to the priorities and now all of them are caught at the border will be prosecuted — not just deported. She told the Times that it was a bad use of funds, to tap the U.S. to pursue prosecution offices, which amounts to a misdemeanor for first offenders.

The Obama administration detained families, but Napolitano said, the process was stopped after a short period of time.

Trump is no stranger to the political game, but the policy of separation of children from their parents to begin to share the Republicans.

The signs of the fragmentation of the GOP support to come to a long-standing trump ally, the Rev. Franklin Graham, called the policy “shameful.” Several religious groups, including some conservatives, have pushed to stop the practice of separation of children of immigrants, from their parents.

“No one likes” breaking families “see, babies torn from their mothers “arms,” presidential Advisor Kelly Anne Conway said.

Doctors and lawyers who have visited the animal shelters, said the facilities were fine, clean and safe, but the children were — they have no idea where their parents are hysterical, scream and act.

“The protection, the problem is not space, it is the children from their parents that is the problem,” said South Texas pediatrician Marsha Griffin, has attended many.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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