ObamaCare double impact: Two large trump changes could spur insurance exchange exodus

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Trump administration to continue to dismantle ObamaCare

The White House is chipping away at the Affordable Care Act; correspondent Peter Doocy looks at the changes to the system.

During the Congress, Republicans have not been able to repeal the former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in its entirety could bolt in the two main changes it back soon, the program insurance knock for the exchange by encouraging the customer to.

First, Republicans killed a tax penalty for people who do not buy health insurance. Then last week, the trump administration, a new rule unveiled expanded short-term plans typically cost less than the ObamaCare policies.

Both of these could lead to people choosing ObamaCare – markets, because they have a less expensive plan, or because they are not punished for end-or both.

This scenario explains why the Democrats sound the alarm about the short-term plan extension. They slammed the policy as “junk” to cover insurance pre-existing conditions, and much more.

“These new short-term plans are nothing short of junk insurance and are so dangerous for Americans, it is no wonder that not a single group, patients, doctors, nurses or hospitals, expressed support. Democrats will do everything in our power to stop this,” Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer said last week.

To expand the Trump administration moved in the short term health plans from 90 days to 12 months, reversing an Obama-as a rule, this type of coverage to less than three months. The new regulation will enter into force from the beginning of October.


Democrats flood the airwaves with ads supporting ObamaCare

The change is of importance, because under the previous system, these are short-term plans, their deductibles reset after only three months-that is, they could cost you on the hook for thousands of dollars in the disease each year when you renew.

The expansion could be more attractive this policy.

Speaking at the White house last month, President Trump called it “much less expensive health care at a much lower price; it costs our country for nothing.”

The health care industry has pushed back, with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association warning that “the wider availability and longer duration of stripped-down policies, has no comprehensive reporting has the potential to damage the consumer.”

Short-term plans do not have to people with pre-existing medical conditions, or provide benefits such as coverage for maternity, mental health, prescription drugs and treatment of drug abuse.

But Bruce Telkamp, CEO of a provider of short-term measures, said the option is required, because of the rising premiums for Affordable Care Act plans.


The Republicans lay the Foundation stone for a further repeal of ObamaCare

“One year short-term plans to bring immediate relief to consumers don’t need the low contributions and unrestricted provider network coverage, so that you, the insured in the series,” Telkamp said.

Meanwhile, under Obama’s health care reform law, the individual mandate required most people to have health insurance meeting certain standards. The law imposed tax penalties for infringements.

But under the last year’s final tax-reform bill, people no longer face a penalty for non-compliance in January 2019.

“We eliminated the individual mandate, the said to buy the people, by the government, insurance approved,” sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming., Fox News in the past month, said. “In a sense, there is a huge hole in ObamaCare blew up.”

To make the idea behind the mandate was to buy young and healthy customers are in the system, to offset the cost of the acquisition of more sick and older customers.

The two changes, the penalty is to repeal the have a bigger influence on the enrollment.

“The elimination of regulation for individuals that do not have ObamaCare-compliant coverage provides a much greater danger for exchange enrollment as the removal of the three-month restriction on the short-term plans,” said Kev Coleman, head of research at health pocket, a health insurance comparison website.


Coleman said, in a low-cost option such as the short-term insurance, though, could be more attractive for consumers as ObamaCare, because you have to look at fine.

“This is a low-cost option such as the short-term insurance more attractive, particularly when short-term insurers continue to adjust their benefits and conditions of coverage in order to provide a better match with the needs of the unsubsidized population,” Coleman said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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