Obama to stump for California Democrats-including one with a view to sexual misconduct allegations

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Obama set to hit the 2018 midterm election campaign

What is the message that wants to bring Obama, as he campaigns for democratic midterm candidates? The former Obama adviser David Tafuri and Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen weigh in ‘history.’

The former President Barack Obama is set to return to the election campaign this weekend, stumping for a number of U.S. House candidates in Bavaria-including philanthropists, Gil Cisneros, who was accused of sexual misconduct.

Since leaving the White house in January 2017, Obama only occasional appearances on behalf of candidates has, in General, the output and decide, instead, to note.

In addition to Cisneros in the 39th District, Obama has a campaign for Josh is planned Harder in the 10., T. J. Cox in the 21st, Katie Hill in the 25th, Katie Porter in the 45th, Harley Rouda in the 48th, and Mike Levin in the 49., Roll Call reported.

The seven Democratic congressional hopefuls are running in districts currently occupied by Republicans, even though the state voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, is now pushing for the registration of voters in this month as the 2018 mid-term elections approach.

Gil Cisneros, a U.S. congressional hopeful in California, denied collected, the allegations of sexual harassment, a fellow Democrat.

(Cisneros for Congress)

But Obama has the backing of Cisneros, is running against Republican Young Kim, in the light of the #MeToo era. The former President snubbed initially, Cisneros, and not in favour of him, for reasons that remain unclear but probably are in connection with allegations against the candidate.

Democratic activist and documentary filmmaker, Melissa Fazli, who ran an unsuccessful primary ampaign for a state Assembly seat in California, accused Cisneros of it to her during the California Democratic party Convention in San Diego in February.

Fazli has accused Cisneros of appears to be intoxicated, during a conversation in the Elevator about donations for your campaign, then she asked, “we Should go back to your room?”

Fazli claimed that she spoke with Cisneros on the phone again about the donations. Cisneros allegedly asked her, “What are you gonna do for me?” in an impressive manner.

Here is my press release from the inappropriate behavior of a candidate Gil Cisneros for the constituency of 39.

— Melissa Fazli (@MelissaFazli) 3. May 2018

“Either he wants me to be his spy, or he wants me to have with him sex. After the encounter in the Elevator in San Diego, I thought he was with me wanted to have sex to in exchange for a $4,400 donation,” said Fazli in a story posted on social media.

“I know, it is the skeptics and the people who are selling to the public me for coming forward, but I thought it necessary to let people know what kind of man Gil Cisneros is an unethical creepy man, the use of inappropriate and bullying tactics to intimate other, in order to win a seat in Congress,” she added.

Relying on the allegations Cisneros agaisnt a Republican group released a message claiming that the candidate “time’s up.”

“Gil Cisneros doesn’t think the rules apply to him,” said Courtney Alexander, communications director for the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC to get this to work, the Republicans elected to the house. “Gil Cisneros was accused of sexually harassing a fellow California Democrat, charges to your hotel and demanding sex in exchange for campaign funds. California voters deserve better than Gil Cisneros.”

Several Democrats, even though they are all against Cisneros in the Democratic primary, do you also investigate the party that claims. Two independent candidates also expressed “solidarity” with Fazli.

To escape a women’s rights group, ultraviolet Action in a statement, calling the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) support for Cisneros.

“Sexual harassment is an epidemic of rampant running across in our political system, no matter which side of the aisle,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of the group. “If the DCCC really wants to claim on the promotion of the candidate, the champions for women, it must undergo a policy of zero tolerance for sexists in its ranks, and immediately, his support of Cisneros and remove him from the party’s ‘Red to Blue’ program.”

“[The DCCC] has to draw a policy of zero tolerance for sexists in its ranks, and immediately, his support of Cisneros and remove him from the party’s ‘Red to Blue’ program.”

– Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UV Action

The Cisneros campaign, accused, in the meantime, the woman, from the dissemination of false allegations against the candidate.

“Fazli incorrectly claimed that she and Cisneros had an “inappropriate encounter” in an Elevator around the ” 11 o’clock-an hour at the San Diego Bayfront Hotel. She claims that Cisneros was intoxicated and indecent request,” the statement from the campaign reads.

“The interaction between Cisneros and Fazli was witnessed by Thomas Rivera. Rivera confirmed Cisneros ‘ s account, he was drunk, nor that he has the proposition Fazli,” the statement added, however, without the recognition that the Rivera is a campaign staff for Cisneros.

“The interaction between Cisneros and Fazli was witnessed by Thomas Rivera. Rivera confirmed Cisneros ‘ s account, he was drunk, nor that he has the proposition Fazli.”

– Gil Cisneros’ Campaign

“Fazli asked Cisneros for a campaign donation, he refused. In addition, several individuals in interaction with Cisneros as he was directed, and while the SEIU United Healthcare Workers-event, all, the report Cisneros is clear and sober,” added the statement.

The campaign said that more eyes can confirm, witness, that Cisneros was not intoxicated and his whereabouts were different from what the Prosecutor claims.

Fox News’ questions about Obama’s scheduled appearance with Cisneros remained unanswered, although a representative stated that the allegations indicated in a credible, on Cisneros’ rebuttal.

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