Obama to fold Organizing for Action group in effort to focus on gerrymandering reform: report

Obama-aligned organization of the action will be to fight merged with another group of gerrymandering. (Associated Press)

The former President Barack Obama is to double up all-in on gerrymandering reform through the consolidation of its non-profit political organization, group with others, and to efforts on what has become his focus since leaving the White house.

Obama announced the consolidation of its organization for the action of the group in the National Democratic Committee on Redistricting during a conversation with the Fans this week.

“The people want common sense gun safety laws, the Congress ignored it. People want to reported resistance to pressure immigration reform, Congress ignored it,” Obama said to call at the on Thursday, the Atlantic ocean. “The most important thing that could be done at the base over the next few years is to ensure that the rules of the road are fair. If we do, I think we are doing the right thing.”


The merger ends the six-year anniversary of the OFA.

Gerrymandering has become a hot topic in the last few years State legislators in Wisconsin and Michigan were heavily criticized after the Republicans have moved, the chosen to restrict the powers of the Democrats in November.


The Republicans have had in these States, benefits in the case of elections the vote of the districts, the Atlantic voice win because of gerrymandered.

The Chicago-based OFA 2012 campaign formed out of Obama’s re-election, and was originally set up to mobilize the voters to support his agenda.

The group’s model is similar to that of the America First groups – a collaboration between the America First action, the super PAC and a nonprofit ner, the support of President Trump agenda, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


To conclude OFA was finished, two years ago, had Hillary Clinton won the presidency. But the choice of the trump breathed new life into the group, and by 2018, OFA had elections to the organization, the efforts of the Democrats prior to this year’s midterm.

Obama, the former attorney General and current OFA Chairman Eric Holder called the merger “to maximize a way, the effects are incredible, the OFA has in the past and continue to in the future — this is a natural extension of the work we have done in the past year.”


He said Obama has focused on redistricting reform as a kind of start-up assistance for climate protection, gun control and health

Another Obama administration figure in the context OFA Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to the former President, was the focus of a racist tweet from now-ABC-sitcom star Roseanne Barr is triggered.

According to the tweet, Jarrett ‘ s name to-vote – E-Mails appeared on a pledge distributed by OFA, to woo voters.

“There are days when we have to remind us so clearly that we have not yet reached our goal, and that is why we treat each and every day to work, to our fellow human beings with dignity and courtesy,” Jarrett’s E-Mail said without mentioning Barr.

Holder will hold a phone conference. Jan. 7 to discuss the details of the merger.

“If you say, ‘The Obama legacy will then be focused on redistricting,’ this is the mechanism by which the things the Obama presidency was about,” Holder said.

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