Obama rails against Trump, the Republicans in a fiery back to the election campaign

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Trump speaks at a campaign event for Kevin Cramer

The President Trump speaks event for GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer in Fargo, North Dakota.

The former President Barack Obama complains his return in the election campaign Friday with a fiery speech in Illinois, President Trump and fellow Republicans with a “home” to “the politics of division and resentment.”

But the sitting commander-in-chief is ready to hit again, on the occasion of a fundraiser Friday afternoon in North Dakota for the GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer.

With Trump’s ramp-up his campaign appearances, and Obama only just begun, the season is about to see a battle of the mega-surrogates. The President stumped in Montana Thursday evening and drove to South Dakota after his Fargo appearance.

Obama’s campaign season debut starts his intermediate examination effort to rally Democrats to the polls, and loosen the Republicans’ grip on power in Congress. The former President warned on Friday that the stakes are high and the consequences of staying on the sidelines, “terrible.”

He recalled that the voters want the Republicans to unravel more of his signature medical law, while at the same time some of his harshest broadsides against the GOP since the departure from office – which refers to the trump name, something he often avoids.

Obama claimed certain “powerful and privileged” people want to “keep us angry, because it helps them keep their power and their privileges.”

“It started with Donald Trump,” Obama said. “He is a symptom, not the cause. He is simply the capital out of resentment, the politicians have been fanning for years.”

“Appealing to the tribe, fear is appealing, where a group against another … this is an old playbook,” Obama said, adding that the people on both sides of the aisle “fanatics and fear mongers” in a healthy democracy.

To cheers, Obama: “We are Americans, we are supposed to stand up to bullies, not follow them.”


Reaction to the speech, the White house Advisor Mercedes Schlapp told Fox News the “real power” is in the Trump rallies and propagated, the President-in-office, the success in the decryption of many of the Obama policies.

“That the election in 2016, a rebuke on Obama’s legacy,” she said.

The Obama speech was a preview of the argument, Obama is likely to make through the fall. On Saturday, the former President to stump for house Democratic candidates from California is seats, at an event in Orange County, to lose a conservative-leaning part of California, where the Republicans are in danger of multiple Congress.

Next week, Obama will campaign in Ohio, Richard Cordray, the democratic candidate for Governor, Ohio Democrats plans.

In Illinois, Obama repeatedly argued that Republicans have reversed course in the trump-time to a number of questions, the of the deficit-to Russia.

“What happened to the Republican party?”, he said. “Its Central organizing principle in foreign policy, the fight against communism was, and now they are cozying up to the former head of the KBG.”

He refers also to the anonymous New York Times op-ed, and said: the claim of the employees are secretly working to keep the trump card in the line “this is how our democracy is supposed to work.”

“These people are not elected, they are not responsible, they are not doing us a service through the active promotion of 90 percent of the crazy stuff coming out of the White house, and then to say, ‘don’t worry, we are to prevent and to 10 per cent.'”

Obama acknowledged that “neither party was exclusively responsible for us backwards instead of forward” – the quote of the southern Democrats, who vociferously defended slavery – and said the Republicans have acted, a conservative vision for the country, for a more “radical” in more recent times.


Obama was received at the University of Illinois, the Paul H. Douglas Award for ethics in government, an honor also given at a time when the civil rights icon REP John Lewis, D-Ga., the former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’connor and the late Sen. John McCain.

“I’m here to deliver a simple message, and that is: you have to choose, because our democracy depends on it,” Obama said.

Beat the campaign for the other candidates is not usual for the former President. Since leaving the White house, he made occasional appearances on behalf of candidates has, in General, the output and decide, instead, to note. He has recently 81 Democrats up and down the vote in 13 different States approved a second wave of entries is expected this autumn.

Obama campaigning for several Democrats in California this weekend is planned – but, above all, has raised an eyebrow.

Philanthropists Gil Cisneros, who is running in the 39th district, was accused of sexual abuse by a democratic activist and documentary filmmaker, Melissa Fazli, who ran unsuccessfully for a state Assembly seat in California this year. She accused Cisneros of it to her several times, even if you spoke to him about fundraising for your campaign.

Cisneros campaign denied the claims, and said his campaign staff was present during one of the alleged incidents, which has behind his boss.

Obama campaign activity, including fundraising performances, probably until October. But while he will be visible during the general election phase, Obama will not be a daily presence in the election campaign, advisers told The Associated Press.


While many Democrats were clamoring for Obama to have a larger presence, the consultant said, he has a more low-key role, in part to increase space for a new generation of party leadership. He also said, aware of the fact that he does not have a strong track record in the support of Democrats to win in the years, when he’s not on the ballot, and that his presence can have the effect of the excitation of the Republicans, which, according to the consultant.

The former President of the three priorities should help the Democrats regain control of the house, his party seats in the Senate and the support of state-level candidates, to influence the redistricting process for future congressional races to win.

Ex-President George W. Bush, also largely avoided in the election campaign in 2010 – the year of the first midterm elections after he turned the White house over Obama. He also took a policy of restraint on the part of public comment on his successor.

President Bill Clinton, however, campaigned during the midterm elections of 2002, the first under the Bush presidency.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, on the election campaign hard for the midterm elections. It is as a Headliner in the register of voters to rallies in Las Vegas and Miami later this month during a week of the action through a new, non-partisan organization, If We Vote All of you as co-Chairman.

It has long been one of the most popular draws among Democrats, but it remains an open question whether the campaign for any Democratic candidate. She has kept a low profile since leaving the White house in January 2017, restrict help their political commitment for now, and When We Vote.

Fox News’ Lukas Mikelionis and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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