Obama presents guidelines for self-propelled cars

Obama presents guidelines for self-propelled cars

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The government of U.s. president Barack Obama makes Tuesday directives public that makers of self-propelled cars to help keep their technology safe the streets get.

The ministry of Transport has drawn up a list of fifteen audits that can be performed to check that a self-propelled car is indeed safe for occupants.

In the guidelines it is also established that autonomous vehicles to the existing traffic rules must comply, and which companies the hacking of their cars should go.

At the moment, the guidelines voluntary, but the Obama administration is considering the legal obligation to create technology for self-propelled vehicles to be approved by the federal government, reports Reuters. For such legislation, however, would the cooperation of the Congress.

A trade association of companies that self-propelled cars develop, including Google-parent company, Alphabet, Ford and Uber, is pleased with the voluntary guidelines. According to the group, the rules for equal policies in all Us states and they have to make faster innovations possible.


In an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes president Obama that he expected that self-propelled cars “tens of thousands of lives per year” may be able to save. The technology is, according to him, developed rapidly since its first year in the White House.

“In the seven and a half years of my presidency are self-propelled cars of sci-fi fantasy has become emerging reality with the potential to be our way of life to change.”

Pittsburgh is the scene of the first test with self-propelled cars where consumers are involved. Users of Uber in the city starting this month, in a self-propelled taxi arrive.


Obama emphasizes that the Us government is at all possible to unsafe technology of the road to force it. “We will not hesitate to the safety of the American people to protect.”

Car maker Tesla in recent months the subject of controversy, because a car crashed while the partly self-propelled Autopilot technology was enabled. An American transportwaakhond do with investigation to the accident, and the safety of the Autopilot system.

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