Obama: I could have won a third term in office


President Obama has proposed an exit interview with his former top adviser that he had run in to, he would have won a third term in the White house.

The description of his confidence in America, “tolerant” and “full of energy”, Obama said: “I am confident in this vision, because I am confident that if I run back and articulated, I think, I have mobilized a majority of the American population behind him.”

President-elect Donald Trump fired back Monday in a tweet: “He should say, but I say NO!” He cites the rise of the Islamic state terrorist group and the difficulties with the Obama administration’s agenda items, including ObamaCare.

The outgoing President made the comments as part of a comprehensive interview with David Axelrod, who produces for his podcast of CNN and the University of Chicago. Axelrod was one of Obama’s top Advisor during the 2008 campaign and his first term in the White house.

“I know that in discussions I had had with people all over the country, even some people who would disagree with me, you say, the vision, the direction you point is the direction of the right,” Obama told Axelrod, the defense of his statement.

Obama was limited to the term and could not run, clearing the way for his former primary rival and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the party’s flag-bearer in 2016. You still ran in large part to Obama’s agenda, vowed to preserve some of his signature policies such as Donald Trump and his Republican allies fought against them.

Like other top Democrats have acknowledge done in the course of the President-elect Trump’s victory, Obama, the Democrats and progressives face political challenges, particularly in rural areas.

“If we don’t find a way to break through what is a complicated story in the South and begin to win races and to win it again Southern white voters, without betraying our commitment to civil rights and diversity-if we do these things, then we can win the elections,” he said.

Obama also warned that a “time, where we are on the search for simple solutions … that we are at the end, to us, from different angles, shut down discussion, more and more dogmatic and more and more brittle. And I don’t see that you gain a successful strategy for us across the country.”

He reminded the audience that his party, the popular vote won on election day, but said: “We do not have particularly good distribution of the population of a democratic perspective.”

Vice President Biden offered a somewhat harsher criticism of his party in a similar exit interview with the Los Angeles Times.

He said that his party failed to connect with the working-class, largely white voters, and warned that “a little bit of elitism” has crept in””, to think party.

He remembered just a trump rally in Pennsylvania near where he grew up. “You are all of the people with whom I grew up,” he said. “They are your children. And you are not racist. You are not sexist. But we are not to talk to you.”

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