Obama had IG been in direct contact with Clinton on a private E-Mail server:-report

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‘Clinton Cash” author responds to IG report on the E-Mail probe

‘Clinton Cash” – author, Peter Schweizer, weighs in on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream’ according to the DOJ inspector general report on the FBI handling of the Clinton-E-Mail investigation is published.

President Obama was one of a selected handful of persons in the “direct contact” with Hillary Clinton stated on your private E-Mail account, the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his bombshell report on Thursday on the Clinton E-Mail probe.

In a footnote, that the DOJ watchdog notes that “the FBI analysts and the public Prosecutor’s office 2 told us that the former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton has had direct contact with her account.”

The IG report adds that Obama used a pseudonym for his user name, and, after intelligence analysts questioned whether Obama classified the communication of the information contained, it was found that the E-Mails sent and received were not classified.


Obama said in a 2015 interview with CBS News, that he learned “the same time, all the other learned it through news reports.”

Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed shortly after you these notes to the attention that Obama and Clinton have been exchanging E-Mails.

“The President, as I think many people expect to have in the course of his first years in office, commercial E-Mails with the Secretary of state,” he said.

Despite speculation at the time that the President noted, had Clinton not been in a “.gov” account, Earnest said Obama still not aware of Clinton’s personal E-Mail server and how you was, according to federal records law.

Elsewhere in the IG report, the IG investigators asked why they made no efforts, to the personal devices, the Clinton’s senior aides were with the Department of the State, since these devices were “potential sources of the Clinton’s … classified E-Mails,” or places where unauthorized classified E-Mails were stored.

In response, the officials at the trial, stated that “the culture of the wrong handling of classified information to the State Department” was so ubiquitous that it is “from the set of possible sources, the evidence is particularly large” – a justification, the IG implies was not convincing, because the investigators could easily have received, with personal devices, for a handful of key Clinton aides.

Investigators claimed the State Department is a better Agency would be to treat the kind of deep-dive into Clinton’s E-Mails. In the end, Horowitz concluded that the Problem was a “judgment call”, and that there is no evidence of improper political considerations influenced their Express a nd a question.

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