Obama brings latest christmas greetings from White House

Obama brings latest christmas greetings from White House

U.s. president Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, have Saturday for the last time, their christmas greetings uttered in the White House.

After eight years of cleaning up the Democrat Obama in the field, and he is on 20 January followed by Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama, inspired by the first Book of Genesis that we are “the keeper of both our brother and our sister”.

She said that “we must treat as we would wish to be treated, and for the sick, the hungry feed, and strangers welcome no matter where they come from, what they believe”.


President Obama said that all of this values are that not only the christelijken faith of his family to help identify, but also guidance for jewish, muslim and infidel Americans and Americans of all backgrounds.

He praised the armed forces and the police by emphasising that no one better the spirit of service then follows the men and women in our uniforms, and their families. Michelle Obama focused her thanks and wishes then specific to the military who are far from home in service.

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