Oakland mayor consulted with the illegal immigration activists before tipping office raid

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‘Angel family’ want to see Oakland mayor prosecuted

Sabine Düren killed, the mother of a son by an illegal immigrant, shares her perspective on ‘Fox & Friends First.’

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf, the awakened national indignation, if they undermine a Federal immigration raid last month, worked with illegal immigration activists before they warned the public about the raid– a movement, ICE said led to hundreds of illegal circumvention of the detention.

Schaaf took to alert Twitter, and the public about the raid, and Stand by your decision, despite a number of serious criminals are caught — and ICE officials warning that potentially hundreds of other criminals to escape as a result of this.

“It is Oakland the right of a sanctuary in the city, and we have not broken any laws,” Schaaf said in a statement last month. “We believe that our community is safer if the families stay together.”


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Trump: What did the mayor of Oakland is a disgrace

President Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf POPs to warn the decision, the residents of the threat of ICE raids.

Your step anger sparked not only from ICE officials, but also in the trump administration. The Ministry of justice is currently conducting a review of the Schaaf-actions.

“What is Oakland a shame for our nation,” President Donald Trump said in California on Tuesday was happening.

KPIX5 reported that Schaaf was in contact with Centro Legal de la Raza, just hours before the announcement, giving her information about what should employers do in the event of an ICE raid.

The group that did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News, is a non-profit organization with a focus on the provision of legal services for those in the country illegally. It also appears to act as an advocacy group for illegal immigrants — ICE activity Hotline “print” on his website.


“Centro Legal, prevent at the forefront of efforts to curtail the illegal cooperation between the local police and the Federal immigration authority in order that unwarranted deportations and keep immigrant families,” the group says website. It does not seem to be associated with UnidosUS — formerly the National Council of La Raza.

According to KPIX5, Schaaf also spoke with a Catholic priest in the St. Jarlath’s Church, and Emma Paulino at Oakland Community organizations. Paulino appeared with Schaaf at a press conference warning of the raid.

“For us, it is important to understand that to do that sometimes, what ICE is using this tactic to try and cripple our communities,” she said.

Paulino told Fox News on Friday that the discussions of the assessment of whether to share or not share the information with the community in the first place, and then to do, how to do this in a way that does not create panic.

“It was a question we should share what we know, and how to share that information said, in a responsible manner as to not create panic in the community,” she said. “The people live in fear already.”

KPIX5 reported that the E-Mails also show that the Oakland Indie Alliance, a group of independent companies, you receive a message that States, “Important warning! Credible information about ICE raids in Oakland Sunday 2/25 and Monday 2/26″ and, “This information comes directly from the town hall.”

A spokesman for Schaaf told Fox News that they consulted “with several leaders and groups, our community of immigrants, before their public comments.”

“You mentioned it in your first press release and in numerous public statements; it is known that they conferred with several people before you make your decision,” he said.

He also said that they did not warn the company, although added that “it seems that those who have listened, shared the information with business owners in an attempt to ensure that the owner knew their obligations and responsibilities according to the law of the state.”

Families of victims of illegal immigrant crime have expressed their anger at Schaaf, the actions, called to her, should be prosecuted, as well as groups that lobby for less migration in the United States

“As far as Libby Schaaf is concerned, what she has done is nothing less than obstruction of justice,” said Ira Mehlman, of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“She is not going to help forced to the ICE in doing their job, but she certainly has no right to interfere with the ICE of the implementation of its tasks,” he said. “In our view, that the U.S. justice Department to investigate the matter and prosecute you for the disability, if the circumstances so justify legal action.”

But in the middle of the national controversty, Paulino Fox News said that Schaaf was attitude is always a very positive reception in Oakland.

“People are really supportive for you because you took a stand,” she said. “You serve the people who elected her.”

Adam Shaw is a political Reporter and occasional opinion writer for He can be reached here or on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.

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