O. J. Simpson may documentary and series about him, don’t look

O. J. Simpson may documentary and series about him, don’t look

O. J. Simpson may on his own life-based documentary and series OJ: Made In America, and The People v. O. J. Simpson not to look while he’s in jail.

That says a spokeswoman Brooke Keast of the Lovelock prison in the Us state of Nevada, where Simpson is a punishment sentence for the perpetration of a robbery and hi-jacking of a person.

The ban applies to all inmates of the respective prison, said Keast in a conversation with CNN. “We don’t want the attention on a single inmate is to be located.”


The American news organization also spoke with two former guards, Jesse Mandoki and Jeffrey Felix.

According to them, was Simpson sometimes bullied by guards who allusions made in the lawsuit about the murder of Simpsons ex-wife Nicole. So would a security guard for Simpsons eyes a glove dropping. A reference to the time during the trial, in which Simpson, in a theatrical way as a piece of evidence serving glove to his hand, tried to get.

Also tell the guards that Simpson during their employment, often the first in line was allowed to connect. “Everybody understood that, so is it just in Lovelock.”

Simpson, who this month 70, would during his first years in prison, a lot of junk food have eaten. According to his former dimensions Greg Lewis at Simpson biscuits, noodles, and extremely high-calorie cinnamon sticks.

But Simpson has his behavior changed and is a healthier life. According to one of the guards, he looks twenty years younger.

Trailer American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson


The People v. O. J. Simpson is a mini-series of the American channel FX, among others, with Cuba Gooding Jr., David Schwimmer and John Travolta. OJ: Made In America is a five-part docuserie that the segregation in America during the career of Simpson highlights.

Simpson was in 2008, a prison sentence of 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping of two collectors of sports memorabilia.

The court determined that he was at least nine years had to sit in order to be eligible for early release. The assessment therefore finds Friday. Simpson can at the earliest on 1 October release.

In 1994 was the former American Football player for the murder of his wife and a friend of hers, Ronald Goldman. Simpson was ultimately acquitted. The lawsuit got a lot of attention in the media. Sessions were broadcast live on television and followed by millions of Americans.

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