O. J. Simpson comes early free

O. J. Simpson comes early free

A special commission on Thursday determined that the former American football star O. J. Simpson early is released. Simpson was in October 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Together with three others had committed Simpson in a 2007 armed robbery in a hotel room, where a collector of sports memorabilia who acted in personal items of Simpson, is kidnapped.

For this robbery is Simpson been nine years. During the special session early February, the four members of the commission, which consists of judges and crimonlogen, or he was free to come. The 70-year-old suggested to the commission that he released must be because of good behaviour.

In his plea named Simpson, amongst others, that he often offered help in conflicts between fellow inmates. Also, it was already clear that he is in prison for voluntary class offered.

“I have nine years not complained. I have only tried to be helpful, to tell people that they patiently their time, and doing nothing to bring their situation to worsen,” said Simpson.

The commission eventually decided Simpson was indeed an early release, because he himself during his captivity all the rules. Also the age of Simpson has factored in the decision. Simpson would be the prison at its earliest on 1 October will leave.


O. J. Simpson became famous when in 1994 he escaped the police and this live on tv to follow. He was suspected of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, who shortly before, with knife wounds to the life to come.

Despite a large amount of evidence was Simpson in 1995 innocent found in this case.

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