NZa for the court rollback geboortezorgregels

NZa for the court rollback geboortezorgregels

Proefprocessenfonds Clara Wichmann drag the Dutch healthcare authority (NZa) for the right to new verzekeringsregels for the geboortezorg to turn back.

The organization wants to be first, an extensive research comes to the freedom of choice for pregnant women. Only then can there be continued with the introduction of a new way to geboortezorg to pay allows the organization.

New regulations should make it possible for health insurers to geboortezorg as a package integral to buy. This would, according to the ministry of Health the cooperation between obstetricians and gynecologists need to improve.

Clara Wichmann fear, however, that people who are expecting this will be less choice in the field of geboortezorgorganisaties. In addition, lead to the new rules, according to the institute for a “large-scale reorganizations”, which is not shown that that are necessary.

The trial of Clara Wichmann gets support from Patiëntenfederatie the Netherlands.

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