NVWA ends the sale of meat via Facebook

NVWA ends the sale of meat via Facebook

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The NVWA has Saturday an end to the sale of meat to consumers via a closed facebook group. At three locations in the country, the administration and meat products confiscated.

That has the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority.

According to the NVWA meat was not cooled properly transported, was the labelling does not meet the requirements and also the shelf life is not clear. Certainly with the warm weather that is dangerous, notify the organization. Members of that private group on Facebook could place orders, and then the meat, once a week it was delivered.

“Nonsense,” says Joop Lamers, president of The Foundation Boodschappenbank, that the meat for the less fortunate procures and transports. “The same meat from the same supplier is Saturday at the market have been tested and met all the requirements.”

In that supplier, in the province of Brabant Haaren was Saturday also seized. “Cold rooms were filled for the sale on the market after the weekend. I estimate that three thousand pounds of meat in there.”


Lamers has been more than ten years in for the less fortunate. He is furious: “We had 172 koeltassen with the meat just picked up at the supplier, when we were stopped. Approximately 800 pounds of meat, money, administration, mobile phones and laptops are confiscated.”

Lamers has a declaration made against the police, who, according to him, the temperature of the meat is wrong would have measured.

The Boodschappenbank helps approximately six hundred fifty families in Gelderland, North-Brabant and North-Limburg, which is just something to making a lot of money for the food bank in order to qualify. The families ordered through the private Facebook page and had already paid for the meat that now has been seized.

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