NVWA also checks chicken on fipronil

NVWA also checks chicken on fipronil

The Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) view or also in chicken meat fipronil. Only companies that are both laying hens as chickens, keep this checked.

Reports that a spokesman for the NVWA Tuesday after news of the AD.

Sites where fipronil is found in eggs, are now blocked. Also present broiler chickens on such a company may only after permission of the NVWA are traded. The NVWA gives sun company only if, after proefslachtingen of chickens is sure that the pesticide fipronil, not in the flesh.

Eric Hubers, chairman of the department of poultry sector of LTO, points out that it is only a few companies. “There are really very few. The number of companies laying hens and broiler chickens, to a maximum of two hands to count. Most companies opt for one or the other.”

Hubers will find this action of the NVWA is not necessary. “These poultry farms have done business with the company ChickFriend that stables cleansed with a means where the prohibited substance fipronil was present. But the various business units are sometimes miles apart.”

And: “We know that chickens have no problems with contamination. Egg-laying hens. That remain two years in a barn and the chicken mite develop.”

Also, according to the NVWA, companies with broilers usually does not suffer from contamination. The chickens live only six weeks, and are then slaughtered. Then the stable is cleaned, causing the dust mite is not the time to nest.


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